1. I wonder what Trump has up his sleeve for the Stalinist Senate show trial against him on 9 February, 2021?

The Dems charge of 'Incitement of Insurrection' is below.

It reads like a FakeNews article, written by a child.

Remember, Trump is a private citizen, the House had no investigation and the Senate is using a drunk partisan and known leaker, as judge.

It's easily the lowest moment in the history of the US Congress.

2. The Dems had better turn up with credible evidence, because I suspect up to 100 million citizens or more will be watching.

I also hope that they don't forget that citizen Trump will have a say in what goes down.

Keep in mind that in Senate impeachment trials, each side has the right to perform cross-examination.

Also, the impeached official has the right to mount a defense with his own attorney.

These crooks are so arrogant, they're probably assuming that Trump hasn't got a defense.

3. If you read their fake charge, you will see that the crooks have stupidly included Trump's reference to the election being stolen as evidence he incited the Jan 6 breach.

In other words, they have put that assertion by Trump directly into the evidence supporting the charge.

Which means that Trump will want to prove that he had evidence to support his claim that the election was stolen.

Uh oh.

Another thing.

4. In the charge, the idiots have tried to establish a nexus between Trump's claims about the election and the breach of the Capitol building itself.

To make Trump responsible.

Now of course Trump will be able to prove that he did everything he could to protect the Capitol.

Before Jan 6, Trump suggested to Muriel Browser that she deploy 10,000 national guard. Browser refused.

In his speech, Trump urged anyone going to the Capitol to do so peacefully.

Hardly 'incitement'.


5. Trump may also have evidence proving other things.

Like that the violent offenders in the Capitol were not, in fact, Trump supporters at all.

That in fact, they were leftist agitators.

Financed and organized by his enemies.

Imagine if Trump had direct evidence proving that. Unlikely, since between Jan 6 - Jan 20, Trump wasn't POTUS and wouldn't have access to that intelligence.


6. But Rex, all that evidence would be on the White House hard drives.

The Dems would have it all, right?

Um, no they wouldn't, actually.

On Jan 19, 2020 the DOJ made sure Biden would have no access to Trump's white house hard drives.

Oh, my.

7. Gee it would be pretty amazing if Trump had all that evidence available for that trial, wouldn't it.

And as I recall, someone got Nancy Pelosi's hard drives during the 'riot', as well.

I note that John Solomon has been continuing to release new declassified documents, this whole time.

These are NEW documents, many that are extremely damning (see below).

Whic means that someone must have gotten them to Solomon, BEFORE Trump left the White House.

8. Just speculation, but is it possiblenthat Trump knew they'd try to impeach him and laid MOAB landmines for the Dems, before he left office?

And that somehow the full trove of declassified documents were entrusted to select individuals, for strategic release and exposure in Biden's opening 100 days?

Possible? More like, probable.

More like, CERTAIN.

The Dems can't complain. These are THEIR rules.

What's that saying again? You know, when crooks indict themselves by their own stupidity?

9. Ah yeah, that's right.

I remember the saying again.

'Hoisted on their own petard'.

The Democrats are pushing full steam ahead to impeach citizen Trump, on phony charges.

They say they want to expose criminality, sedition and potentially, treason.

There's another saying they might want to keep in mind.

'Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.'

The end.

10. ADDENDUM : apologies for mixing up 2020 & 2021 (eg toot 6). You guys can work it out!

@REX The “Great Carnac” says, Pelosi et al will decide to drop it...”Not worth our time they will say” in that a conviction is DOA and the defense will eviscerate them.

@REX Addendum: I do wish however that they will continue their “death spiral” I wonder if Google Translate has added “Speaking in tongues” to their services, because that is what we will hear.

@RangerJohn @REX

I heard some speaking in tongues yesterday from Chris Cuomo. Lordy. What a liar.

@RangerJohn @REX

I suspect that even the dim dems DO NOT want to go through with this show trial. I also suspect that they have no choice, that they are being forced into doing this by their masters; whomever 'they' may be.

@Davel495 @jpmzo @REX There are Judas Goats, but then again, there are King Rats...the trick is to tell them apart.

@REX saw someone post an article here saying that the arrested the lady who stole pelosi’s laptop only read the headline though so take that as it’s worth 🤷🏻‍♀️

@RandyJackson @REX And it was a laptop used for presentations in another area - not from her office

@RandyJackson @REX The onyl evidence I've seen mentioned is that a former partner said the suspect claimed to have the laptop, but it's never been recovered.

@REX Are the Solomon documents in addition to the documents declassified prior to leaving? I thought Trump FINALLY declassified everything!!


Yes. The.SpyGate experts on twitter conclude that Solomon has been given everything.

@Buddy @charlotte1958 @REX local friends attended the Rally on 1/6. A mother, young daughter and a few friends carpooled to DC. The local FBI stopped by their house to interrogate after the fact. -Were given a card to contact their lawyer...could have been from a cell phone sweep but more likely just tattletale democrats.

@REX Oops sorry Rex. Didn’t mean to jump in and break thread. My bad

@Buddy @REX

I wish that more people would realize that it is rude to the person writing a thread to jump in before they end it.

It has become extremely common since new posters have been coming to this platform.

Maybe there should be a post on etiquette in the rules.

I know everyone makes mistakes but it is becoming the rule and not the exception.

All threads are clearly marked as a thread at their beginning, and clearly marked that they are ended at the end.

It is easy enough to know.

@ilumanous @Buddy @REX

Totally understand but there is also some etiquette we are all guilty of in that we start a toot and before we know it we can't finish the thought without in essence starting a thread, be it only two toots.

Numbering each toot in sequence before starting any text is the sure fire means for readers to see it and follow suit on their part to refrain until the threader uses the END or some other distinguishable and marking.

@ilumanous @Buddy @REX Maybe I am not understanding completely, are you saying we are "not allowed" to respond to say #6 in a thread before one has completed the whole thread? I am not following. What if I ask a particular question regarding #5 before he/she has posted the entire thread to #15? How does that make one rude? When does one know when to "jump in"? AND now some may need an etiquette lesson? Are we picking at each other for THIS? The last time I checked all here are human.


Not so much a rule, but common courtesy and keeps the thread intact. My understanding and take

@ilumanous @REX

@Buddy @ilumanous @REX I understand keeping a thread intact, but most are not being rude by say responding to #6 in the thread before they get to the "end" of the thread. The threads are not always intact on my timeline and Thomas or Rex might still be writing, I get it, and I am supposed to wait, but some are just responding, and that is NOT necessarily rude. This may need to be addressed from a technical standpoint by SQV for better management and posting of threads. Avoids the user hand slap.

@AChance @ilumanous @Buddy @REX
Me I’m too human and have made every mistake on quod. Welcome to the club. 🤣😂🤣😂We learn the ropes. They’ve been here when it was small. It’s now facing growing pains. It is way more fun now and I love all the traffic. When I notice a thread is in the making if I’m told it’s a thread or it’s numbered I wait until it says the end. 🇺🇸❤️

@AChance @ilumanous @Buddy @REX

Since desktop posting does not allow over 500 characters at a time, they must be toot 1 ant a time.

This takes time and if writing as you go more time

If you ABSOLUTELY MUST jump in early, reply to the first toot.

First Toot replies seem to be shown at the end of a thread

U can quote parts if you need to

If you code this explains why:

To make a thread

1. Toot
2. Reply to 1
3. Reply to 2
4. Reply to 3

@EarlThePearls @ilumanous @Buddy @REX Is there a way to create a code within the platform, Earl, that allows a thread creation app or tool outside of the usual one toot at a time with 500 characters? Just curious. Thank you for your information.

@AChance @EarlThePearls @ilumanous @Buddy @REX Serious questions-Do all threads start with this is a Thread ? And do all thread endings say END?If so then it would be clear there are more toots to follow & not to comment on any toots until the end is clearly stated. Should all comments be addressed to the last toot in a thread or to the specific toot in question once the thread is complete?


Some start with thread, some use end others use numbers like 1., still others use 1 of 3 or 1/3, just however they want to present it. No magic way. When you have been here for a while as I have you will have a sense of what that quod wants to use.

@AChance @EarlThePearls @ilumanous @REX

@MyFlyingCloud @AChance @EarlThePearls @Buddy @REX

Most all threads start with either thread or 1) and usually ends with End.

You will learn how your favorite author starts and ends.

The most popular people who write threads have people reading the threads as they are added so it is appreciated greatly by them, too.

A good way to make sure people know what you are commenting about, is to quote what the writer said.

Like this...

"Should all comments be addressed to the last toot?"


@AChance @EarlThePearls @Buddy @REX

You can ask the powers that be, but I don't think so.

I have however when I am telling a story, posted jpeg files that works well,

like this...


When you reply, note the author you reply to is first. If your reply is to the author, format like I have here, by spacing out the reply right after the author's @ name

Makes it easier to tell who is talking to who

@AChance @Buddy @REX

@ilumanous @AChance @Buddy

General Note

Strip out the "famous people" if it is a side instructional such as this and they are well aware of it.

reduces notification clutter

I cut REX in this case


Yes, Or you can just type the author's name and no one else, so that you are not ringing everyone's bell when you are just trying to visit with one person.

And when you forget to do that, you can always go back and redraft. Like I just did.



We never know how much we know until we try to explain it to someone else


Oh Lord, So true...

Just give a Quod a minute and get your ear worn off.

Especially if it is about food or pets.



@ilumanous @EarlThePearls

Old Bay has too much salt. I prefer Phillips Seafood Seasoning....just saying on SQV

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@REX what blows my mind is they have to already know they don't have the votes to convict. Oh sure Trump will drop the rest of it on them but they have to know they will fail in their own intended aim.

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