1. It is adorable to see Obama & Biden's apparatchiks acting like Trump never happened and that nothing has changed.

In this case, the Slimes reverts to type and puts up a cringeworthy puff piece on Jen Psaki, Joe's ambassador.

Psaki is a long time propagandist for Obama & Biden. She worked with Ben Rhodes to cover up the corruption & criminality. A nasty piece of work.

Anyway, back to my point.

2. These Democrats and the GOPe can pretend all they like Oct 9 2016 - Jan 20 2021 never happened and that it's business as usual.

But pretending doesn't change the reality.


Even if you assume that Biden pulled off the most miraculous and unlikely election win of all time (81 million votes - chortle, chortle), one hopes that sane voices are advising him not to ignore new realities.

The fact is that at least 74 MILLION Americans voted for Trump.

They are ALL AWAKE.


And they're not stupid. Just the reverse, in fact.

They know exactly what went on. And what is going on.

And they are furious.

If Biden & Co are smart, they will at least try to reach out and accommodate those voters.

If they are stupid, they will continue to malign, censor, disenfranchise, smear and persecute those voters.

I cannot even begin to fathom what happens, if they're dumb enough to choose the latter approach.

Nothing good, that's for sure.

4. Just my opinion, but the ONLY smart play for Biden is to engage and placate the voters.

And that's assuming Trump won 74 million votes and Biden 81 million + (chortle, chortle).

There is another possibility. Impossible, I know, but worth speculating on.

What if Biden did NOT win 81 million + votes, but more like 50 million (or lower)?

And what if it was Trump who won 74 million votes (or perhaps as many as 90 million)?

A question.

5. Would it be wise to attack 74 million - 90 million furious American voters, when you are in the minority?

Er, no.

It would be most unwise.

It would be the equivalent of a political Darwin award.

But hey, what am I thinking.

That Biden didn't win and in fact won far less votes than Trump?

Come on, Rex. That's delusional, man!

Except, of course, if it isn't.

6. Either way, my point remains.

I hope Obama & Biden aren't assuming that nothing has changed since they left in 2017.

That would be a grave miscalculation.

EVERYTHING has changed in America. Their every move and decision is being watched and evaluated, against what we have all learned since we woke up.

Here's an uncomfortable truth for Biden & Co.

7. It is THEY who need to adapt to the post-Trump America.

Not us.

At least 74 MILLION Americans are onto them. The truth genie is out of the bottle.

And every time they try and pull one of their old tricks, the resistance against them will grow.

If they are smart, they know this. And they will refrain from the despicable smears, witch hunts and attacks.

Let's pray that they are smart.

The end.

@REX If Obama was most inept President up to now, Joe Biden is going to be a motherload of ineptitude. In his first day he reentered Paris deal to punish taxpaying Americans.


The fact that Biden's first order of business was to stop the Keystone Pipeline screams they have no intention of working with 74+ Trump supporters.

@umad80 @REX before inauguration was over they took down 1776 project report & stopped the program. That was telling.

@MyFlyingCloud @REX

They very obviously have no intention of working with Trump supporters.

That's fine by me. That will help future elections.

@tbennett @umad80 @REX I think this isn’t the first Presidential election that has been stolen but its the first one that thanks to an outsider, Trump has been exposed. Before Trump I don’t think they had to try as hard to steal it because it was agreed upon as to whose turn it would be.


Interesting point. We will never know how many elections were stolen.

Now we know their strategy - they are so stupid that they gave up their plans

@tbennett @umad80 @REX

@timr @MyFlyingCloud @tbennett @umad80 @REX shows you how important THIS election was and in the specific how critical TRUMP was to their plans.

@timr @MyFlyingCloud @tbennett @umad80 @REX we already knew it ! He already knew jt in 2012 . We were gaighted as all get out and here we are ! We will NEVER have another fair election.

@inverness01 @timr @MyFlyingCloud @tbennett @REX

They've been cheating forever.

They were able to cheat on this level under the guise of covid.

And it's why we have to get involved in local politics.

@MyFlyingCloud Yes. We must not educate the children. Continue to brainwash them into leftist thinking. THIS is the real crime. @umad80 @REX

@MyFlyingCloud @umad80 @REX

Glad I saved it to my hard drive. Let me know if you need a copy.

@djgLXXII @REX Exactly. We are fully awake and ready to counter attack any misleading information. Knowledge is powerful.

Who is that sheep, now?

@REX well, he made sure to mention domestic terrorism and white supremacy in his address today - so... yeah, he’s and his people are simply dumbasses.

@REX They are already using the IRS to punish us. They are going after Turning Point USA to remove their tax exempt status. They aren’t smart. They aren’t pragmatic They lack honesty and integrity and they will never stop treating us like dirt.

What if all the sleeping beauties fall back asleep? What if all the AP election denying is in fact really true? what happened to we have proof? what happened to all the evidence the judicial system refused to look at was all along a fabrication of a bunch of peoples imagination? I want to know. I can only look like a complete asshole to my liberal so called friends that I can barely stomach anymore?

Right now I feel as though I just drank the hemlock.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @REX read thread by @PericlesPrendergast because this isn’t over. Wait it out before you get too despondent. Too many things happening as planned

@Doveydoo @REX @PericlesPrendergast

no offense to you guys but the military will not be in charge here. What you are calling for is more dangerous that letting these two imbecilics burn out,

@Donjanusgjrdrm @REX
All the outlandish claims were distractions. The simple matter is voting laws were violated in states and those same states refused to hear the evidence. Nevada- mass mail in ballots, Penn- the governor changed the laws about signature verification and due dates. Michigan- poll watcher exclusion. Georgia -poll watcher exclusion and signature verification matches. AZ- voting machines were unchecked. WI- signature verification. Fraud or not, these should have been rejected.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @REX I think they became distractions. They may well be right. But that's hard to prove to leftists without hard proof. You don't have to prove that tom wolf violated the law in Pennsylvania. He was clear that he was doing it and the state supreme court green lighted him.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @REX

The corruption is deep and broad. Does it make sense that they are calling for Truth and Reconciliation commissions? That should tell you everything you need to know.

Who gives a shit what liberals think? Don’t let them define you. If they are silencing you or any of us, then who is really the asshole?


They’re sly but more importantly, they’re arrogant and I’m thinking that will be their downfall.


That's a wish. A dream. Already they are demonstrating exactly who they are, nay who they always have been.

Because they think they are in control. They think they have us right where they want us.

Silence us? Deprogram us? Erase us? Delete us?

They are fools and have been paying NO ATTENTION AT ALL.

Good for us.

@REX There's NOTHING in their history that suggests they give a fig about ANY voters. I don't want them to change, in fact I want them to continue to crank the insanity up to levels never before seen. Let those blind fools see who and what they 'voted' for. Let them get it good and hard!

@REX Pray they are smart? That's futile. They are not smart. They're stupid, arrogant and drunk with power. They'll go after Trump with a merciless vengeance, and after us for supporting him.

@Aboutagir11 @REX arrogance will be their downfall. Cumala won't even sleep in the VP residence. Not up to her standards.

Peter Navarro said something very similar today. And noted that the next 2-3 days will tell the tale.

@rusyn_mama @REX

Can you point me to the Navarro comment? Can't find it on Twitter and I'd like to read it. Thanks.

@REX Here is what they will do, they will double down. In their mind, delusional as it is, they think they won a mandate. This is their chance to go for it, and they will. If you think we’re awake now wait til the mid terms. They better crank up their algorithms, they will try, we have two years to find a way to stop them. If we do, RINOS and Radicals are in trouble.

@REX marxists CRUSH their enemies. Scorched earth and the rules be damned. We need to infiltrate THEIR ranks.


New paradigm. Democracy, like the Constitution, was always the obnoxious barrier to "getting things done".

Votes no longer matter, campaigns no longer needed. Make appearances, spew platitudes and glittering generalities. Tell everyone, "It's going to be tough. Everyone needs to do their part."

Pushback from Dems over Keystone? No problem. They've got this.

They don't care. The wicked rule, the people mourn.

Too late. For THEM, as their REAL numbers continue to shrink.

Long game now.


There is already pushback on Keystone, from many different sides.

This is one of many battles that is just beginning


@timr @StevenDouglas @REX -Well, imagine that. Good to see some realize the validity of energy independence.

@timr @REX

They're smart. They're ambitious. They're determined.

But they're aren't wise. At all.

They will continue with their grossly ambitious overreaches, unabashed and unabated, aided by technoligarchs, kleptocrats and publicly funded institutions.

And I'm smiling, because I can see that everyone sees it.

What nobody can see but I know beyond all doubting, is that myriad thousands of wise, awake, patient, and educated minds are now an invisible force multiplied.

Against them.

@StevenDouglas @timr @REX It’s already pretty clear they won a Pyrrhic victory!! The days of the Obama administration getting away with everything are GONE!!! The evidence is out there, and everyone is AWAKE!!! They had the chance to do the right thing, but instead spit on the Constitution, and now we’ll see what happens!!

@timr @StevenDouglas @REX

The biggest losers in this are union workers. There is a massive amount of money that will be lost to union coffers due to this. This could exacerbate the widening divide between union workers and their union representatives which Trump capitalized in 2016 and 2020.

4 Unions Defy Joe Biden, Reach Deal to Build Keystone XL Pipeline

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