Read this article. It just gets worse and worse.

Yet another Biden team member who is linked to Beijing.

At this point it seems that a Biden 'government' would in effect be 100% owned by Xi.

This cannot be permitted to happen.

'We will never be a socialist country's POTUS Trump, 2017.

Yet another CCP linked individual for Biden's team, this time as the Undersecretary of Defense. Quote:

'Kahl, a longtime Biden natsec adviser, was closely involved in.. the Obama administration's Iran nuclear deal and reportedly played a key role in removing language identifying Jerusalem as Israel's capital from the 2012 Democratic National Convention platform.'

These loons are Xi's useful idiots. We are supposed to believe that 81 million citizens voted for them.

@REX Pompeo said that the Chinese were already within our border. I wondered if he meant troops, spies or corporate.

At this point they're not even trying to hide it.

@REX Nothing surprises me anymore with this insane group of traitors.

@REX It seems like Biden is
merely a Xi puppet. He absolutely
did NOT win the election.

Tony Blinken, the Big Guy’s Bag Man at U Penn & Sec. of State pick. He’s also Hunter Buden’s contact at Joe’s VP office:

Tony Blinken made multiple phone calls to then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton forcing her to send defector Wang Lijun back to Beijing cuz then VP & future President Xi Jinping was going to visit the US and sign Hunter’s 1st China business deal, the Big Guy didn’t want to embarass him.


Keep the articles coming.

I’m going to keep posting them on Facebook so s the punks & hardcore kids can see them.

If they haven’t blocked me yet.


Remember what Trump said in a State of the Union address:

"The US will NEVER be a socialist country."

We can only hope he fulfills this promise as well. It’s his Constitutional duty.

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