1. BIG - just inn- ODNI Ratcliffe's stunning letter confirming his view that the CCP interfered in the 2020 election.

And he is clearly pissed at how corrupt the IC remains.

Can you believe that the IC used Chinese analysts to evaluate whether the CCP interfered? Surprise, surprise - the Chinese analysts concluded 'No'.

I am also hearing that Catherine Herridge is reporting ODNI conclusion that Iran and Russia also interfered.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @drawandstrike

2. I note that the letter was signed on 7 January 2020 - the day after the Congress breach.

To me, that is extremely interesting.

As I understand it, the DC national guard were deployed late on January 6, but the Pentagon approved the serious build up on Jan 7 & 8.

There are now 25,000+ armed National Guard in Fortress DC.

It is reasonable to conclude that the ODNI Report and Ratcliffe's conclusions, likely combined with other intel, are influencing the astonishing scenes in DC right now.

3. Such a significant build up is consistent with plans by foreign enemies (China, Iran and/or Russia) to cause mayhem in US cities.

IMO they would have these plans in place in the event of a Trump inauguration.

There is already significant evidence of Chinese involvement in 'BLM/Antifa' protests at the White House in 2020.

Also, there have been large shipments of weaponry from China intercepted at US ports.

That points to infiltration. Pompeo have been confirming just that in his tweets.

4. If the above is what is happening behind the scenes, America is facing the worst national security threat since WW2.

What does this mean?

There's always the hope that what we are seeing is an elaborate, bi-partisan plan to counter the enemy.

Sadly, I doubt it.

Given that Biden appears to be compromised by the CCP, along with a slew of Democrats and some GOPe Congress members, I assume that POTUS and his patriots cannot reveal what's going on to them.

How about the IC agencies?

5. I think Trump has the LEADERS he wants in place.

That's critical.

Don't believe the hype, or blowhard ex Generals.

Again, just my opinion but I think Haspel, Wray, Miller, Ratcliffe, Nakasone etc are all solid.

Trump also has other key players in place, such as Cohen-Watnick etc.

Yes, there are compromised analysts and executives in each agency. I suspect most have been IDd.

Ratcliffe knows exactly who is pushing Beijing's line in the IC.

That's my sense of things.

6. Over the last few weeks we have seen a blizzard of misinformation, designed to confuse the enemy.

Biden's camp seem very unsure about coming to DC. They appear confused about what the troop build up means.

have been more hysterical than ever, demonizing Trump and his supporters.

Pelosi, in particular, seems unhinged. Her actions have been revealing.

Even Trump is indicating - in his ambiguous way - that while he thinks the election was stolen, he will leave.

7. Given all that, the behavior of the Dems is extremely strange, given we are supposed to believe that Biden won a magnificent landslide victory.

Pelosi is taking actions that are extremely damaging to The Republic.

There's the impeachment. But to me, appointing Swalwell as impeachment manager and to the Intel Committee is the worst.

It doesn't matter if he is no longer compromised by the CCP.

The fact that he once was renders Swalwell ineligible.

Plus, he's an idiot.

8. Elmer Fudd would be more useful in Congress, than Eric Swalwell.

Then there's China Joe. Biden can barely get 1,000 views on YouTube.

It makes no sense.

I think they're cut out of the Ioop.

They're worried.

And if they're cut out of the loop, I suspect Xi & his thugs might be, also.

Right now, they may be thinking American leadership is divided and weak, when it is far stronger than it appears.

We will see, I guess.

9. But back to the main point.

Ratcliffe's assessment, combined sign the troop build up in DC and 49 other US cities, tells me that there is a national security threat.

I may be wrong. Perhaps this is all just to ensure an orderly transition of power.

Better to be safe, than sorry, I guess.

But I suspect it's far more serious than that.

10. My best guess is that the Chinese (as well as Iranians) have infiltrated armed militias within the US.

They are to be used, along with Antifa/BLM thugs, to create mayhem if Biden is not inaugurated and/or if Trump remains as POTUS.

Pelosi is under orders to do all she can to remove Trump and ensure that he cannot run again.

It all points in one direction - remove Trump and cause mayhem, if they can't.

Which makes PERFECT sense. You know why?

11. Because it would benefit ALL of America's enemies, domestic and foreign.

POTUS Trump is an existential threat to the Dems, GOPe, CCP, mullahs, & the Swamp.

They must all act together to get rid of him.

A second term of Trump is simply unthinkable. They cannot survive it and they know it.

You think I may be on the right track?

Time will tell.


The end.


Another thing.

Most have missed this, but I think EO13848 & EO13849 were put into play a few weeks ago.

Yes I know it came from another EO, bit the new sanctions on investing in specific Chinese companies, including prohibitions on financing their operations and/or listing on US exchanges, marry up with 13848/13849.

It's causing havoc for the CCP, as well.

There is a lot we know but even more we do not know, about what is going on.

Trust Trump.

@REX @Debradelai @ThomasWic @drawandstrike but those 30k combat equipped troops in DC are there to provide security for a virtual inauguration.......🙄🙄

@REX Definitely not since IC analysts downplayed the threat of Chinese interference in the election.

@Texandore @REX And they have now suspended his account. It must be true.

@REX Swalwell is compromised and just the least valuable pawn.

@zzoric @REX great point

Id also add...Rex correct, AND Pelosi choosing Swallwell is ultimate irational confidence scale off charts FU to trump and all any/all people who "claim" china is a threat

@REX Elmer Fudd would at least be benign.. Swalwell is insidious and destructive!!! No comparison!!!

@REX 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

@Lisajen @REX seeing that they canceled the dress rehearsal is it possible that Biden & co. Will not show? 😆 what was The sun tZu quote about winning before fighting

@REX Great thread Rex! I pray everyday Trump succeeds! God Bless America!🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

@REX Thank you for your thread!

This article came to mind in thinking about possible CCP/Biden administration


I am NOT a good judge of any of this. As I explained to TW, SMB, I plan on staying alight by using both of my wings. I have my experiences and then my research. I count on you guys to continue to give me lift. I can tend to get melancholy. Sometimes biblical scripture helps the best. "Let no man deceive you." China is our enemy and not our friend. Long live Donald J. TRump.

@REX i think it's more than 49 other cities. My daughter is national guard in TX. Her unit was called up last week, to report for duty on the 19th. They were told they would be working a food bank in Dallas. Dallas is blue to the core, with corrupt leadership from the ground up. They may be expecting something to happen here too.

@REX we are at the precipit, does China roll the dice on the to wait for Biden to invite them in, or pounce on the unfolding chaos? 🍄

@REX Awesome thread!

Everything about America’s current state leads back to the CCP. And, China Joe is enormously compromised by his involvement with them. There’s no way he can step foot into the WH. Also, did anyone else find it curiously strange how DJT was advocating for Nanzi to be speaker in 2018? He knew what he had on them back then. Can’t wait to see how POTUS deals the final blow(s) to all of them this week.


After reading this thread, I’ve decided to recheck my supplies and back ups here at the homestead - the next week sounds like it’ll be pretty saucy.

I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for people living in powderkegs like LA, NYC, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, etc. when things start to go down and the desperate cries of disinformation will spew..


I had wondered about EO13848, too. (Pasted below in case anyone else needs it.) Two questions:

1. Didn’t DNI Ratcliffe’s findings need to be submitted 45 days after the election to trigger the consequences (seizing of assets)? Jan 7 may have other consequences, but not those.

2. Ratcliffe agrees with the minority OPINION, but I still want evidence, not just CIA et al. suppression of dissent. Is there any?

With the recent sale of security patents and ip from Blackberry to Huawei and the wholesale CCPownership of huge amounts of Canadian businesses, hope someone is watching up North...

@Mominthezoo @REX

Yes, DC looks like it's preparing for more than a bunch of purple-haired 90 lb antifa jokers. Borders closed means we're dealing with whoever China/Iran/Russia was already able to sneak into the US - or Americans they've been able to radicalize who are already here, perhaps just waiting for the signal.

@Mominthezoo @REX this is the party that bothers my husband (former Marine) so much. That the military may be asked to shoot its own countrymen on US soil.

@REX I think you are absolutely right. There must be a huge National Security threat. I’m surprised nothing has leaked

@REX the troop build up is definitely NOT just for Antifa or MAGA militia..

It is very hard to believe so many of ours had to be complicit, deep into it like the worst of spies. WUWT? Very greedy & malicious traitors.
Being brought up morally correct and soley Patriotic to the USA, to enter into such a dark hole for power & money is not going to happen.
Dem or Rep, you remained a Patriot. The moral breakdown has been devastating to this Republic.
We deserve a wakeup call & I hope we can survive it.


We will know in a few days!

Have you seen the headlines on foreign governments? Germany/ Italy and more...

Buckle up.


Yes, I think this is a reasonable assessment.


So interesting and kind of scary but I trust Trump and Pompeo. I’m so leery of Wray but that could be because it appears he hasn’t done much to help Trump-and that could be because we don’t need to know what he has or hasn’t done. We have good people up there but if Biden doesn’t get in-I’m pretty sure there will be tons of trouble and I know nothing, I pray earnestly for our leaders that they have guidance from our Heavenly Father🙏🏻
Also- thank you for your thread

@REX Don't forget the billionaire class globalists who intend to reset the world to stakeholder capitalism, aka communism. They've been spending billions buying state & local elections too.

Spot on as always! Makes perfect sense. God bless our President! God bless America!

@REX Anybody out and about on Inauguration day around DC is taking a big risk. Overwhelming defense may mean bad actors turn to softer targets outside the area troops are deployed. This shit has a really bad feel to it.

@REX That, and if demonstrated to be run by China, (even if by Iranian proxy), it’s an act of war that changes everything.

@REX IMO the behavior of Biden is the most disturbing part. I have to wonder if Trump has finally convinced him that he has to concede in the face of what’s coming.


Good thread.

I haved always believed Wray and Haskell are exactly who Trump wants there because the was ZERO reason to not replace them if he in fact wanted them gone.

They are there because POTUS45 wants them there!

Big Trump cards are about to be played is my guess, time will tell!

God Bless the United States of America and Donald J Trump ....Patriots will rise to protect her from enemies foreign & domestic ......🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

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