1. Trump wants a MASSIVE protest in DC on Jan 6, 2021.


Have you noticed that more and more damning declassified docs have been emerging in recent days?

Including texts from the vile Strzok, revealing Crooked was emailing SAP intelligence from her private server?

I think we can expect a deluge of new information to come out between now and Jan 6 (and after).

I expect that by Jan 6, most Americans will be in a state of apoplectic fury.

And MILLIONS will be in DC.

2. Prediction :

The public will be enraged by Jan 6.

Every GOP/Dem Rep & Senator will be under no illusion about what happens to them, if they ignore the rage of the people and give China Joe the green light.

The pressure on them will be INTENSE.

Those that give Biden approval will expose themselves as corrupt, because it will be impossible to explain their support of Biden.

Trump knows that he can inflict massive damage on China Joe on Jan 6, even if the demented crook gets through.

3. But Trump can also expose the whole crooked operation.

The process has already started, as you have been seeing.

And then, Trump can focus on Jan 6 - Jan 20.

China Joe Biden will never be inaugurated. But Trump wants far more than that.

POTUS wants them ALL taken down.

And he will succeed.

Buckle up.

The end.


Yes indeed.

This is what we love to read from @REX - the words of a happy warrior, as we should all be.

I sure hope you are right. I can’t imagine the Biden regime in power. It doesn’t look like the military will back him if he decides to declare martial law. Milley said there’s no place for the military in politics. January 6th may be the last hurrah!

Can? Or already has? An enraged populace (By itself) on January 6 does not sit well with me. Biden in leg irons being flown to Gitmo would be far far more appropriate. All of this before January 6...

@REX @cv555 I traffic in satire. It's ludicrous these statements being made to circumvent existing Constitutional and legal precedent. Trump has to honor the Constitution and exhaust every option before hitting the military force route. You want to make leftist "Martyrs" @cv555? I have said for a long time that Trump would not turn the US over. Too much to lose including his life. But he ALSO cannot take unilateral action that would itself destroy the republic. We have to think through.

@Clayrjr @REX
You are assuming that Trump does not have vast overwhelming evidence. And he is...or could be... acting at least in some degree capriciously.

Frankly his actions moving forward are primarily dependent upon the significance of the evidence that he has apprehended. If the evidence is enormous and vastly condemning....He can do whatever he feels is necessary and should.

@cv555 @REX

The evidence we all have here on QVS is overwhelming, and we don't even have the real stuff...evidence isn't the issue...corruption of political profiteers is. That's the uncertain thing. How many turncoats like Paul Ryan and John McCain are sitting in the Rotunda? Trump has to create conditions where even the douchebaggies can support and be courageous. But he needs to get past the 6th and see what happens. If all measures fail, then he will do what is necessary.

@Clayrjr @cv555 @REX Exactement. Who skedaddled first? Boehner. Smartest crook in the swamp.

@cv555 @REX Or maybe let it play out before we start rounding up our fellow Americans for execution on the basis of political difference. That approach has been terribly successful around the globe through human history.

@Clayrjr @REX
I don't have much value to add other than to say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I am exceedingly distressed that it has gone this far. Admittedly four years is simply not enough for Trump to cleanup this disaster. Maybe it did have to happen exactly the way we are watching it happen???

@cv555 @REX Guess what...prior to November 3 NONE OF US KNEW THE EXTENT...NOW WE ALL KNOW...The whole world does.

@Clayrjr @cv555 @REX isn't that the problem that has got us here via the dems ?

@REX I fervently hope you’re right! Trump has been relatively quiet lately. Makes me wonder if there are things going on behind the scenes that we won’t know about until Trump feels it’s the right time to lower the boom. I know Trump is extremely competitive and optimistic so I’d be surprised if he just meekly gives up. (BTW I recommend Psychologically Sound: The Mind of Donald J. Trump by Dr. Sheldon Roth, who taught at Harvard Medical School.)

@scuoteguazza @REX whenever I get down about the way it appears to be going, I think about Pompeo’s press conference where he casually laughs about Biden transition and says he looks forward to a peaceful transition to another Trump term. He’s not an insincere man.

@Savage4378 @scuoteguazza @REX @polymt

I agree with ya'll. Just by watching him with the vaccines, Christmas, handling voter fraud (behind the scenes) and trying to get the stimulus he understands the coming blow-up. I think he will wait until after Christmas for MOAB. Yes, am probably wrong but hey, 2 cents in.

@REX First, I LOVE this spot-on thread.

You're right of course that "Trump wants far more than that".

We're going to get the ACTUAL election results that reveal his actual landslide in a way that nobody can credibly dispute.

He cannot and will not accept anything less. Everyone has to see it.

@StevenDouglas @REX I’m about to explode with curiosity to know how he’s going to do that!!

@charlotte1958 @REX

It will be a combination of internet data followed by FULL RAPIDLY DEPLOYED forensic examination(S) of seized equipment and ballots - and interviews and interrogations of all involved.

Bases and initial searches: Real foreign interference (starting with vote results piped overseas for processing). That's the foot in the door. Everything else found is volcano-spewing gravy that can't be hidden or quashed.


It's certainly true that Republican Senators will be held accountable for their response.

Any GOP Senator who is considering a run for the White House, or reelection in a red state, will have to address this. They will never get away from it

I suspect if they do not follow the will of the people then we may have the Storming of the Bastille 2.0

@REX if they're anyway like the people I meet and bring up the subject of corruption in the Democrat party, they'll look at you with a look of exasperation and move on to any other subject.

@REX MILLIONS will be in DC making it CLEAR that Congress needs to stand by their OATH to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC!!!

@REX I had read back in 2016 that Hillary had given SAP intelligence to China. I was under the impression that she was letting China ‘hack’ her server. She should have fried when she cost the lives of our spies on top of the Benghazi fiasco. It seems Mueller then Comey served to fix things for the Clintons. I would really like to know why?

@REX logistically how could someone from ND find lodging/accommodations to attend the protest? Literally willing to sleep in a tent if there’s a safe place. Ideas welcome. Solo female....

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