Peter Strzok is an evil, twisted and vile individual.

Here he is listening in on the mother of George Papadopoulos. As she talks to her son.

Then he jokes about it.

An FBI agent.

It's almost as if Strzok listened in on citizens, whenever he liked.

It's impossible to believe that this could be real.

Until you realize it is.

And in horror, you realize Strzok is as free as a bird. Untouchable.

Even worse - he'll be lauded as a hero, of China Joe gets into the Oval.

As you know, I am a huge fan of Trump.

My expectation is that he will get a second term.

But I've had a think about things.

It is outrageous that Peter Strzok is able to do what he is doing right now. Ditto, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Clinton, Biden and all the other crooks who have pillaged & burned America all these years.

Let alone the other scum.

At the end of the day, the buck must rest with Trump himself.

Sometimes I wonder if they've got something on Trump or his family.


Something that's preventing Trump from acting as he must.

Let's face it.

There has been no genuine declassification in 4 years.

No Clinton emails.

No Uranium 1, Awan prosecutions, Epstein takedown, etc.

No ObamaGate, no SpyGate, no Durham.


The only indictment has been chickenshit lawyer Clinesmith.

And he might get off.

Trump has had YEARS of opportunity to take down these scumbags.

Hate to say it but thus far, he has failed miserably.

Please don't reply portraying Trump as a victim, lacking agency.


He's been POTUS for years.

It's not ceremonial. POTUS Trump has massive powers. And massive popular support.

To date, you have to admit his record is dismal.

My hope is that Trump is waiting to stroke. That's my expectation, too.

He's just too smart to let Biden & Co get away with his crime.

Forget Nov 6. Pence won't stop the EC vote. Ain't gonna happen.

Trump's aim is to stop the Jan 20 inauguration.

POTUS Trump has the evidence and is waiting to strike.

That's my POV.

He is extremely gifted at using strategic patience and perfect timing.

But questions now need to start being asked.

We pray for Trump's safety and success.

But it's OK to wonder how we ever got here in the first place.

Don't you think?

The end.

ADDENDUM & just to clarify - I wasn't intending to question Trump in the thread.

My objective? To provoke discussion.

In my opinion, there's a reason why Trump is holding back on all this.

Because Trump means to move on it in his SECOND term.

Remember my point about Trump's long term, strategic outlook. It requires extreme patience and discipline, but Trump definitely has it.

After all, he planned his Presidential run for at least 20 YEARS.

Let's see what happens.

The end.


I've had these exact same thoughts.

What is stopping him.

Politics is backroom horsetrading and deal making.

We never see the arm twisting.

Does GOPe know he's neutered?

I still Trust Trump but I have moment's of hmmmmmm

@Screwauger @REX second to Trump losing on Election Day was my snger that all the above mentioned are free. That they still had the power to cheat & WALK AWAY FREE!! If Trump pulls off his miracle they will pay. But if he doesn’t the two tired society that penalizes peons like me & rewards crime & evil will be in trenched. That makes me angry. So like you @REX I believe Trump has a plan, but will it work?

@Gmajv @Screwauger @REX
There are never any guarantees in life. We all know its going to take a MIRACLE to put this right.and the truth is, if anyone can pull off this MIRACLE, its TRUMP! Thus, expect miracles!

The lack of prosecutions for what appears as obvious crimes, at least put you or me away type stuff, has been startling. Crooks are writing books for dang sakes. What kind of judicial wheels are these, we must ask? Slow isn't a dead stop. We are betting on 21st drop, but who knows? This is nerve wracking if nothing else.

@REX I think Trump signing that law kicking Chinese companies off the US stock exchanges is HUGE!! As long as we’ve been waiting, it seems like the pieces are still falling into place!! And if you look at everything that has come out in the last couple of weeks, we’ve actually found out a lot recently!!! I think he’s drip, drip, dripping the declassification.. turning the vice half a turn every day until the enemy does something stupid!! I think Trump is going to make them do it to themselves!

@REX Tomas Wictor has talked about Trump studying this system for years before acting many times. I feel your frustration. But consider where we would be if Trump had never become president.

@REX My first thoughts are that the threats against his family are of his biggest concern. He can’t keep them in a bubble forever.


Rudy Giuliani took down the mob bosses in one stroke all at once. He figured doing it one mob boss at a time would have be futile. It had to be all or nothing.


Kinda like that tech shop guy in Men In Black.

Shoot his head off and another grows back.

Same goes for all the souls who are constantly wanting a balls and strikes calls for taking the Ruling Class down.

You ain't gonna do it by playing Whack-A-Mole.


Some good thought provoking points.

What if the other side holds a “Trump” card as well? But, wouldn’t they’ve deployed it by now? Who knows.

The fate of a Trump and fam loss is already known. If the current msm goes unchecked, they’ll stop at nothing until he’s incarcerated, or worse. He will be made an example for any current / future dissenters.

Both sides have everything to lose.

Trump doesn’t seem the type to cower during battle, something significant has to happen

@REX My gut tells me they don’t have anything on him; however, the fate of himself and his family has to be weighing heavily on his mind if he fails. If they legitimately had something on him they would have used it by now. Gods chosen messengers have never had an easy path to forge. Abraham, Moses, Washington, Lincoln ... those are a few that come to mind. MAGA has attributed almost superhuman strength to Pres. Trump when in reality he is just as human as everyone else.

@REX Pres. Trump has gut wrenching decisions to make. The fate of this nation depend on them and the fate of his family depend on them. I believe what he needs now are the prayers of a God fearing nation to give him strength in the days ahead. If you believe that the hand of God was involved in putting Pres. Trump in the White House, and I do, then you have to believe God will not shove him off of the cliffs edge in the 4th quarter. Pray. Believe. .

President Trump knew what he was signing up for when he ran and won in 2016.
Remember Schumer:

"Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,"

Well, he took it on and now he's gonna finish the job

@REX I think as we all are on this forum they are still in the process of gathering more evidence....see to me part of this operation is to know what the Dems are actually planning. I don't doubt one bit all or most of the key players have been surveilled by our own MI or another agency that was secretly been created by Trump. It is impossible for me to believe a man with such strategic/negotiation skills (that made him a billionaire) work his ass off in 4 years to actually let it all go to shit

@REX see my rant from this morning, I needed the ass kicking to get out my feelings.


No one who's 'read you' for any length of time would think you were questioning POTUS' abilities, except an utter moron.

What is this point... is absolute loyalty from the military (Who are actively seeking the same remedies). There also needs to be a very well-thought-out battle plan.
Finally he needs the smoking gun evidence which is beyond refutation. Firsthand purposeful intercepts. But what would be the real trophy would be to nail domestic coup plotters. There needs to be bad guys for all of this to work out. Faceless hackers might not be enough...

I’m disappointed in you Rex. The waters are so muddied already why now? We need your strength not this weakness. I’m very loyal. I totally trust that Trump and Gen Flynn has this in the bag. Exposure was key. You are a favorite of mine but now I feel I must hold you up.


Yep, that's the ticket. With gloves off. The American electorate was not ready for the storm he and his closest and trusted advisors would have to bring. It will affect folks on both sides of aisle, and he waited and let info trickle in beyond what some of us thought we had 3-4-5 years ago. Bigger than imagined. He needs us being aware and ready to communicate and show up locally and fight, express, speak up. Damn the rules... speak loud and logical. Went through this last week.


We got here because of criminal leftist and NeverTrump Governors, with full support of the DNC and the leftist media, used VBM as a weapon to steal elections.


There are obviously other factors that are all part of the fraud: the refusal to verify signatures, fraudulent vote counters, corrupt and cowardly courts and bureaucrats.

But Vote By Mail is the key - along with the manipulation of COVID to assure plenty of time to complete the theft.

Even Trump can't stop this alone. These are state decisions. That is why the courts can never fully address this. Only Governors and legislatures working together can stop it.

@REX I do recall @ThomasWic saying that January 20th is going to be the most important date. Either in the last Beard Blather or one of his own videos.

@REX If POTUS allows something like biden to take over our Country, considering what Trump knows as much as I love him I would have to say he is involved on some level. Unless he addressed us and told us everything he knows as to why he couldn't pull the trigger on these criminals for 4 years. Names of every corrupt official/politician who stood in his way. If none of that happens and biden steals this, POTUS has involvement. I may be nuts but thats what I think

What bothers me is that crime prevention is...or should be the primary concern. This business of allowing crimes to happen and catching people later is fine under certain circumstances....but in election that concerns yourself??? And if your plans run afoul what happens then? The end of the Republic?

The bottom line is that Trump had better have the goods...Irrefutable smoking gun evidence. Furthermore this evidence must link to individuals....ones who are trying to be elected illegally!

Time for SOMETHING to happen...

@REX I have been feeling like he is declassifying. And he’s leaking it. How many leaks have we had lately? Including the fbi one you speak of. Assange phone call with the state dept? Several. I think he may be leaking to avenues such as project veritas and a variety of others. And then it spreads.


REX, you have been a source of inspiration and hope these many months. Please don't succumb to the frustration of what appears to be the scumbags getting off. The key here is "appearances." I subscribe to this belief: "When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen." Isaiah 60:22

Have faith, my friend. As Thomas Wictor says, "All is well."


I’m so sad to see this toot. Why? Because I told my husband almost the same thing yesterday.

What if...we are wrong and there will be no trigger pull?

What if...we have been faithfully waiting for the MOAB that will never come?

What if...he isn’t the “Hero” fixer We thought he was and this is all we get?

What if...

Sickens me to my core that maybe the above is true. Not being a downer, now I’m being realistic.

Not how I wanted to start my Sat but...

@REX actually, he's letting other people do it and they're failing. Sessions, Barr, FBI. It's their job.

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