1. For those who are down, always keep in mind the famous saying 'a week is a long time in politics'.

Actually - forget a week.

This entire situation can change dramatically in an HOUR.

Everyone is panicking. Maybe I'm not seeing things right, but I am totally zen.


Trump holds all the cards.

2. ClintonGate, EpsteinGate, ObamaGate, SpyGate, BidenGate, ElectionGate.

God knows what else.

POTUS Trump knows everything. Again, of course he does.


And Trump is Trump

Who knows what Trump has planned. Just one or two indictments can shatter the enemy's will.

That reassuring feeling of victory can be changed to dread in an instant.

The dread of imminent defeat.

History proves this, time and time again. Sport, war, politics.

3. Look, I would kind of get the pessimism if Trump had used his weapons (see above).

But he hasn't used even one.


And there's more than a month until the Pretend President China Joe hopes to be inaugurated.

Presumably in a carpark, with 5 people attending.

A month is an ETERNITY in the great game of power.

And like I said, Trump only needs an hour or two to shatter the dynamic at play.

When you tune out the FakeNews and shrieking of the panicked, things become much clearer.

4. Pure logic takes over.

Think like Trump.

Was the election stolen ? Yes.

Is China involved? Yes.

Can it be proven? Yes.

Has this been going on for years? Yes.

Is it a national security issue? YESm

Is America under threat?


End of story.

Trump will therefore execute his constitutional obligations as POTUS & citizen.

Everything else is irrelevant.


So rest easy, friend.


The end.


Don't forget - China Joe is just a citizen.

Biden has zero immunity from prosecution.


Neither do Jill Biden, Hunter Biden or Jim Biden.

IMO that Hunter laptop brings down the entire Biden Crime Family. At least.

Including China Joe.

Trump knows that he won 400+ electoral colleges and that the vast majority of the population back him.

All I am saying is, don't be surprised if the entire Biden crew are arrested. Yes, including Joe himself.

No Special Counsel needed.


Trump thinks BIG.

Trump will choose the exact moment to apply the precise pressure, to bring the whole operation.

Being the CCP backed Obama/Biden/Clinton crime syndicate. Plus the remnants of the RINO-GOP.

It's like an unravelling.

They won't be able to prevent it, once it starts.

Watch, learn, etc.

The end.

Slight correction to root 6 - Bring DOWN the entire operation. Damn! My apology for the error.

I found an essential argument in a Thomas video (guess it was day before yesterday): such a a dramatic change needs time, people need to get used to it.
He started with thos panic movies.
(and if Trump would have prepared for an exit to the WH he would have prepared us by now for the situation, but thats not what I see).

@seeker @REX

And that’s something Wictor has been sayin since very early in the process. Sucks to have his Twitter threads gone, because I remember him saying this very early in the Russiagate thing...that the real challenge Trump faced was to mentally prepare the world for the extent of corruption nationally and globally that we all have lived under for decades.


Great thread. I'm relaxed as well (even though I had a few difficult discussions on Facebook).



Or better - ALL IS WELL, and everyone will soon see it.

@Clayrjr @seeker

@REX well dammit! Trump needs to get a move on! I’m running out of finger nails😂. All kidding aside, my gay bro-in-law, who swallowed everything his liberal arts indoctrination told him, is now very concerned about the fraud and the integrity of our elections, and our future. I discounted him years ago, but he’s waking up! I trust Trump.


No he doesn't.

Your needs (and mine) for emotional gratification are irrelevant.

@REX @evenflo
I think that’s the stage I’m in right now! I want and need the emotional gratification of these criminals being arrested!
It get’s tiring watching them on the news and him filling his cabinet! Don’t get me started on those loser Rino’s!
Just wish he would get a move on with it

@WisconsinRebel @REX @evenflo I'm tired of it too but you and I don't matter at this point. Trump is going to go through with his plans regardless of how I feel. So I can either get myself all emotional and crap or I can placate myself until action actually happens.

I choose the latter.

@WisconsinRebel @REX @evenflo Regardless of how many times I refresh the news media, nothing will change. The only difference between finding out whether Trump won or lost 1 second after it happens as opposed to 7 hours is the amount of dread/happiness i feel when I find out.


Thank you Rex. Right there with you. My attitude is to watch the show and enjoy every minute.


Morning, Rex. Thanks for this reminder. Made my morning coffee all the better 😋

@REX love me an imperator rex thread early in the morning. better than coffee.

It read so well the "down" was there even though it wasn't.
This will not stand, it will be a People's victory.


Thanks Rex! Always enjoy reading your threads.

I blocked someone on here because he/she was a doom and gloomer. WOE IS US!!!! TRUMP LOST!!! We might as well just move on!

NO! Trump DIDN'T lose and just because YOU don't see what he is doing DOESN'T mean he is sitting around twiddling his thumbs waiting for January 20.

He is the Presidential Prestidigitator and he has MANY things up his sleeves waiting for the right time to pull the right one out and END THIS!

@Wiggumc1 @REX

They don't call him "Teflon Don" for nothing.
I just can't think of a time when he's been wrong.
The man always gets it done.

@EngOnDemand @REX

Yup. And IIRC, he helped Rudy bring down MANY criminals in NYC in his day. Why wouldn't he be doing the same thing now.

@EngOnDemand @Wiggumc1 @REX
Is he really called that? Lol, that's what they used to call mob boss/Mafia don John Gotti, as none of the charges ever stuck. That's a little different! He eventually lost his Teflon coating as he died in prison.

@Wiggumc1 @REX these doom types are most likely psy ops. They’re here to discourage Trump supporters to give up the fight. They’re all over Twitter as well


"most likely psy ops"??

Nahhh, most likely people who simply like Trump but don't get his ability to plan on a scale they can't comprehend.

@Wiggumc1 @REX

Great post. This feels like Trump is holding a royal flush but the Dems are all in and calling a bluff. We'll all know soon enough.


Was so excited to see a REX thread this am. Spot on assessment. Thank you


Another great thread! I think I see some light at the end of this LONG tunnel! It will be amazing to witness the unraveling and exposing of the corrupt. FINALLY!

@REX The fact that we can SEE what is happening is a huge tell that Trump is in control. We would see nothing if he was not.

@AnotherFineMess @REX I see her claiming she didn’t know and trying to weasel out. As a prosecutor she should know better.

@AnotherFineMess @REX

No, we're not left with Harris. Sleepy Joe will not be sworn in as president, therefore, Harris will have no rights to succession.



Unplug from Hanoi Hannah and trust the voices of reason who speak the truth. Remember that Trump is a disciple of Sun Tzu; and is one of the most successful adherents of that philosophy.

And remember that the reality is we have been under attack as a nation for decades, and Trump has shined a light on all of the corrosion and erosion of our nations hearts and minds. AND NOW EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD KNOWS IT!

DJT has key victories ahead, but he’s already won.


I am too excited and enjoying the show to be Zen.

@REX As the ultimate authority for declassification, while still in office Trump could personally upload any document he pleases to a public website, whenever he chooses. The people arrayed against him think they've got him over a barrel, but there is no greater weapon to be deployed against them than simple exposure to daylight.

@REX The idea that he has to go through some impossible process and can be thwarted simply isn't true. Information bombs are going to be dropped. The only question is what days will those be.


35 days until January 20th. It’s like the game has just begun.

840 hours

50,400 minutes

We’ve been waiting our entire lifetime for January 20, 2021.

Watch to see what happens before peddling fear to self and others.

And remember...Trump has proven time and again that he is that ‘incredibly stable genius’ we thought he was; the opposition has proven time and again that they are generally dimwitted cheaters that Trump has toyed with to have the most effective presidency in history.


Great thread..... sending link to all my circle who are losing hope and panicking..... I, too, am zen.

@REX I’m Zen also. All my election night party decor is still up waiting to celebrate. I do however have to talk my mom down off the cliff a couple times a week. Even though I keep her informed she still hears MSM and doom criers. Between taking her money out of the bank and stocking up on staples it sad and makes me angry they are doing this to people! Luckily I do her shopping and only buy a little over what she would need in case of earthquake here in Ca.

@REX - I've taken a position that Trump won the election and is going to remain president and I'm sticking with it. I'm not nervous, either. He simply doesn't act like a man who lost.


Are Trumps lawyers answering questions? The Dems are practically begging these lawyers to answer questions about election fraud? Am I missing something that Trump and his lawyers? Are they just trying to make the Dems look bad? WHEW

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