It's really pathetic seeing Powerline (see link below) and other blogs/web sites saying that Team Trump has 'disowned' Sidney Powell.

The reason ? Apparently, Powell hasn't produced the 'evidence'.

Oh really. Well, if that's the case then thy had better distance themselves from Rudy Giuliani as well, who has been advancing EXACTLY the same claims as Powell.

Very disappointing. Powerline in particular are usually far better than this.


Last post for the night.

Keep in mind that Powell is probably about to bring down REPUBLICANS.

If true, Trump has to create distance (he backs her 100% but is also the GOP leader).

Georgia's GOPe rats. They go down first. And Dems, too.

It's the perfect way to kick things off.

This was a Dem coup. However it was also a RINO one.

Trump will now destroy them.

And then rebuild America.

The end.

@trueblueTEX @REX

'Redondo the magic ballon sculpter has been cancelled, due to lack of interest'

Tat would explain Jebs disappointment😂

@trueblueTEX @REX

Oh yes — the note where Laura Bush looked pissed as hell.

@trueblueTEX @REX YES!!! Almost forgot about those! There’s been a lot going on the last 4 years.


I was wondering why the sudden announcement that Sidney isn’t a “member” of Trump’s legal team.

Your explanation re: establishing distance makes sense.


Destroy RINOs? Now? Before the Senate election?


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