1. New drops by Sidney Powell:

- 35k illegal votes frontloaded/added for every Democrat candidate in PA, Powell believes across US

- VPN lines were opened to the internet allowing foreign actors access

- Georgia will be first state Powell will 'blow up' - Kemp & Rattenberger in her crosshairs

- thousands likely implicated

- software could 'weight' votes differently eg a Trump vote was counted as 0.75, Biden 1.25

- drag and drop allowed votes to be erased or switched.


2. Powell also makes an important point about the standard of proof.

All she needs to do in a civil case is to satisfy the 'preponderance of evidence' NOT the criminal standard of 'beyond a reasonable doubt'.

Powell says the evidence she has is easily good enough for criminal prosecution.

Again I think Powell is speaking truth. She admits to having 'seen' the evidence. If true, Biden & Co won't be able to escape this.

Listen here:


Powell repeats allegations:

- that Clinton used Dominion to win primary against Sanders. Sanders was informed by an expert and did nothing.

- politicians were able to 'buy' wins by paying Dominion (or their agents) including GOPe

- she is certain that John James was cheated in this election

Man oh man.

One other thing (this is speculation on my part).

Powell keeps bringing up the affidavit by the Chavez apparatchik.

She says it proves the functionality of Dominion. True.

4. But Powell keeps mentioning this Venezuelan guy.

In the interview she refers to him as a 'young man', presumably referring to his age when he worked for Chavez.

Again, speculation - but is there a possibility that the same guy was working on the 2020 election? In a senior capacity for Dominion, the DNC, Smartmatic or another actor?

5. It just seems strange to me that Powell is relying on someone who was involved in Venezuelan election fraud years ago.

Unless the same person has flipped or has been a spy inside the enemy camp, the entire time.

And was involved in the great crime that America has just had inflicted on it.

6. Here is some detailed and very useful information about Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia and their histories.

What a den of crooks. CCP, Chavez, a corrupt CFIUS, the Democrat Crime Syndicate.

Dodgy as hell.

If the Chavez guy in the affidavit was ALSO involved in the 2020 election, OH BOY.

Let's see what happens.

The end.

@REX hope they have better evidence than this! To hard to explain to normal people


Truly, the standard of proof being "a preponderance of the evidence" (or in layman's language, "more likely than not") is very important to these cases. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff, but once the plaintiff brings its evidence, the state election authorities will have to try to come up with some sort of plausible explanation for why they did what they did, and refute the plaintiff's evidence. So far, there has been no actual trial about the evidence.


I can’t jaw fell off and is on the floor. WTH?????


4 Biden votes at 1.25 = 5 Biden votes

4 Trump votes at 0.75 = 3 Trump votes

@REX I found it interesting that Sidney used a 1.23 factor instead of a 1.25 factor for weighting during one of her interviews this weekend.

Going to be an interesting week. Happy Thanksgiving to all...

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