1. Will Trump win the 2020 election?


Trump has already won the election.

Correct question : HOW does he subjugate the enemy's will to resist?

Follow-up qs - how does he do it, with the least possible damage to The Republic?


2. Everyone is focussing on the PUBLIC drama playing out 24/7, across America.

In particular, the various legal actions being taken by Team Trump and others in different State and Federal courts.

Fair enough. However, the analysis is wrong. It assumes the outcome is in doubt, when it is not.

Readers of my threads already understand my position.

3. Trump has known about the Democrats vote fraud schemes for YEARS. There are tweets as far back as 2012.

Ergo, he would have known he was target #1 in 2016, 2018 and of course in 2020.

And he was prepared. Trump's 2018 EOs, CISA trap and infiltration into vote count centers is good evidence of that.

4. In my opinion, the Dems were lured onto their own killing field. Arrogant, drunk on power and poorly led, no one appears to have considered that Trump was onto them.

On Nov 3, the one thing that they hadn't considered happened.


The Dems panicked. The mail in ballots exposed them. And revealed to everything else they were up to, including the horrendous digital fraud.

5. This narrative of a desperate Trump, losing legal cases while he sits in the Oval Office in denial, is exactly the opposite of what's happening.

Think of a desperate and divided Democratic Party machine, TRAPPED. While Trump looks on in FURY.

The Dems are in a terrible position. All they can do is to gaslight Biden to inauguration. But given Trump has them dead to rights, everything they do makes it worse for them.

6. Which takes us back to the original two questions (see toot 1).

Again, I doubt that Trump wants to plunge America into yet more division.

I think he wants to put a final end to this assault on the Presidency, Constitution & people as quickly as possible.

The question is 'HOW'?

7. Sure, a SCOTUS vindication may be the answer.

We are seeing Obama judges blocking each Trump case. Doesn't matter.

Sooner or later one of those cases will likely go to SCOTUS.

SCOTUS will rule one way or the other.

If they decide in Trump's favor, great. If not, that sucks.

But it doesn't change the outcome.

8. If Trump wants SCOTUS to be the vehicle, I think he will want to make sure that any decision will be easy for the judges.

He wants to PROTECT SCOTUS, not make it a target.

That means that the criminals will have to be exposed and Biden may even concede, BEFORE any SCOTUS hearing.

How does that happen?

9. Again, let's not be distracted by the public drama. Trump has a very powerful PRIVATE option that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

What would that be?

Our old friend, the Title 1 FISA warrant.


10. If what Sidney Powell is alleging is credible, this is one of the most serious national security situations America has ever faced.

Foreign actors, working with American citizens, are trying to steal an American Presidential election.

Unlike the Obama/Clinton Trump/Russia hoax, this one is REAL.

11. It is therefore logical that each agent implicated in what's gone on has been flagged with a '2 hop' T1 FISA, for a long time.

Or some other form of surveillance.

There is nothing controversial about that conclusion, BTW. In fact, that is EXACTLY what the FISC and National Security Letters are for.

12. I would find it very difficult to believe that MULTIPLE T1 FISAs have not been issued against the crooks, for ages.

If that's happened and the allegations are true, evidence implicating everyone involved has almost certainly been hoovered up.

I note Powell has been referring to comms (eg a DoD officer instructing hundreds of Dem ops to sabotage their offices) that to me can only have come from surveillance.

13. This means that Trump has likely amassed a MOUNTAIN of incriminating evidence, that he can use at will.

A mountain that is growing, daily.

For some reason, leftists & FakeNews always overlook a critical fact.

Trump is POTUS. The most powerful person on the planet. And he has ALL his ducks in a row.

14. I think Trump's ideal solution would be for Biden to concede and then slither away (likely after selling out everyone else).

That means that someone is going to knock on Biden's door soon, to give him a dose of REALITY.

One that makes it very clear that he and hundreds of others have been caught dead to rights. And that he MUST CONCEDE.

15. If Biden doesn't concede, Trump has many options.

EVERYONE involved is at risk. Biden will be reminded of that.

Trump can turn up the heat, as he controls the temperature control.

If Biden doesn't concede, it will make him even more foolish and culpable as the crime is exposed.

16. If Biden concedes, game over.

SCOTUS may not be required. Trump is inaugurated. The damage to the Republic will be contained.

I can't see street thugs protesting if Biden withdraws. If they do, the National Guard will crush them in minutes.

17. But even if Biden does NOT concede, no biggie.

Trump will use his evidence to expose the crime in a way that cannot be credibly explained away.

And arrests will start shortly thereafter.

Street thugs? See National Guard, crush them, etc.

Either way, Trump wins.

18. FakeNews can squawk all they like.


Very few believe them.

And it changes nothing, anyway. Rasmussen reports that 30% of DEMOCRATS think the election was rigged. Close to 100% of Republicans agree.

FakeNews exist in a glittering hall of mirrors. They are irrelevant.

19. Of course, we need to consider the unthinkable.

That Sidney Powell is gaslighting and Trump hasn't got any evidence.

Then it's all over.

Biden wins.

But because I am confident that Powell isn't gaslighting and Trump has all the evidence, I am zen.

One more thing.

20. If Biden and his corrupt crew think that Biden conceding solves their future problems, they would be sorely mistaken.

They have GONE TOO FAR.

Trump's awful justice awaits them.

And you can be certain that his revenge will be remembered for CENTURIES.

Not just that. The American people will demand it.

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Number 19 isn’t possible. I trust sydney 100%.

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We will know soon enough. I pray that they have evidence and that Trump can prevail.

If this stands, it will be a disaster for this country.



OMG! This brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

Whodathunkit? Certainly not the Dems. They are toast.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall when Biden hears that knock on the door!

Thank you, REX.

@REX "FakeNews exist in a glittering hall of mirrors"

Best description I've seen for the current state of our circle-jerk media.

@REX I love how they consistently accuse him of making claims "without evidence" and believing conspiracy theories about his own activities.

@REX If there were 100+ people on the call, how do we know there wasn't a, "good guy" who blew the whistle? That seems more likely than a FISA warrant. Don't get me wrong, I hope you're right. But, for Sidney to say that, it would blow their cover is they did have a warrant.

It"s one of the remarkable things to me -- the total lack of comprehension of Trump as President, FISA warrants, etc.

Likely because they suspect they control a sufficient node or two at, for example, the CIA DOJ FBI.

Bad bet.

@RattlerGator @REX

To phrase it in the terms of @ThomasWic

Nobody knows how anything works.

@REX He needs to dismantle as much of the administrative state as possible. The fraudulent election, the Russian interference scam, the fake impeachment, and the various grifting scams of "public servants;" all have to come to a screeching halt.

@REX I don't know how he does it but how he DOESN'T do it is by hiding the high profile arrests. It needs to be transparent.

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