1. Oh BOY.

There was ANOTHER EO.

We have all been focussing on Trump's EO 13848 'Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election', declared on 14 September 2018.

Exactly 1 week later, Trump signed EO 13849
'Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.'

2. This second EO cuts off the blood supply to any sanctioned entity or individual in EO 13848 - MONEY.

Including DOMESTIC players.

Trump had all domestic and foreign players in his crosshairs in September 2018.

Just a few weeks before the Democrat Crime Syndicate had their first go at widespread election fraud - the 6 Nov 2018 mid terms.

Oh, another thing. Did you know that individual SCOTUS judges have individual power over specific Federal Circuit Courts?


3. They have the power to supervise lower courts as individual judges.

Including fast tracking cases to the FULL COURT.

And look what happened on Oct 19, 2018. A sudden change.

GEORGIA - went to Thomas
WISCONSIN- went to Kavanaugh
PENNSYLVANIA- went to Alito


8D CHESS, folks.

4. TWO EOs and a SCOTUS shuffle in September & October 2018.

And the idiots never saw it.

Those involved in this great crime against the people, President and Constitution of the United x are right royally F'd.

Only they don't know it.

Enjoy the show.

The end

ADDENDUM : SCOTUS circuits were reshuffled on 20 November.

Note - Barrett in, Gorsuch out in the key swing states. Note Kavanaugh now has Michigan, in addition to other States.

Amazing. This can't be coincidental.

Seems more and more people are waking up to this, too as tweet below indicates.

Does that mean they will be cutting off the democrats money?

@REX thank you for your research, I will be passing in on to my husband who does not believe me when I tell him Trump will be the president. He is so infuriating as he patronizes me.


And when do you expect the fireworks to begin, I want a front row seat. We don't shoot we just clip their funds.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . . damn good notice, Rex.

"The agencies anticipated to be impacted by this executive order include the Departments of State, the Treasury, and Homeland Security, the Export-Import Bank, and the Federal Reserve System."


Wow, very impressive! Good eye, @REX 🙂

As always, the focus of the people keeps changing, while the most brutal strikes remain hidden (sometimes in plain sight), and are kept to the end.

A brilliant strategist, and a genius showman combined, that is DJT.

And yes, we'll enjoy this show, and will soon have a lot to tell to all those who kept mocking us as ``disseminating conspiracy theories'' and other mediocre BS.

@RattlerGator @REX
The fraud at Ex-Im bank a long standing portal to leak into NWO money sources. Wonder if USAID included. Systemic fraud and mismanagement- seemingly always to benefit far leftist agendas.


GREAT thread!

"All wars are won or lost before they are even fought" Sun Tzu

@REX this is another master stroke that slipped under the Bolsheviks' radar. Oct 21 (apologies if you already mentioned it, I have been moving for a week and off the internet):
"Faithful execution of the law requires that the President have appropriate management oversight regarding this select cadre of professionals."

@REX You forgot to state the obvious. Biden is a security risk.


Wouldn't it be fun if It was announced that Biden failed the background check?

@REX as someone who hasn't followed SCOTUS cases much, I wonder how "lefty swampy" the liberal justices, Sotomayor and Kagan, are?

If someone would bring strong evidence of unconstitutional behavior before them, would they consider it on it's merit? Or would they ignore it and just vote accordingly to how leftist ideology would want them to vote?

I would like to believe that liberal SCOTUS justices are of higher moral caliber than democrat politicians.


They're appointed by partisans.but to be fair to SCOTUS, these judges are the best of the best.

They are legal GENIUSES.

That doesn't mean they're infallible. And there's a big difference in quality, between them. Obama was useless - many say that his judicial appointments were very poor.

It's academic now, anyway. Trump has a strong majority.

@REX I didn't realize until earlier this year that each Supreme Court justice actually had their own circuit. At one time they'd hear cases for their circuits, but for the past several decades, it's pretty much just been orders/opinions to lower courts indicating how they'd lean, with all actual causes always being brought en banc (before all justices)


Just listened to an interview that Sidney Powell did yesterday and she states that she doesn’t know if the ‘good’ guys got the server or the ‘bad’ guys got it. How could she not know this by now?

☠️ No Quarter No Mercy 🏴for these evil enemies of our great POTUS and the USA 🇺🇲.
Justice overdue ⚖

@REX Is that why it was Alito who issued the order to Pennsylvania to keep late-arriving mail ballots separate?

* Which order they ignored.

@REX Not sure this has been referenced but today, 20 Nov, another change:

• DC Roberts, Chief Justice
• 1st Breyer,
• 2nd Sotomayor,
• 3rd Alito,
• 4th Roberts, Chief Justice
• 5th Alito,
• 6th Kavanaugh,
• 7th Coney Barrett,
• 8th Kavanaugh,
• 9th Kagan,
• 10th Gorsuch,
• 11th Thomas,
• Fed Roberts, Chief Justice

@RattlerGator @REX

According to this Sotomayor has the Second Circuit, which is NY, CT, VT. That would be good news.


This is correct - and in my opinion, very significant.

@REX I learned that this summer while reading up on circuit courts. Check out Thomas, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch's assignments. Spectacularly awesome!

@REX Should have known you would have included this information.


It's normal for SCOTUS to let the lower courts do their thing. SCOTUS only hear a small fraction of appeals that come their way.

What's important here is that the pathway to a SCOTUS hearing is far higher for Trump with Kavanaugh, Alito, Barrett and Thomas supervising swing States.

The judges have the authority to unilaterally transfer cases in their circuits to full SCOTUS hearings.

@REX come back to twitter for a week or 2. It may help save the republic. Or not but you’re one of the all time twitter greats as far as content exposing corruption 🙏🏼.... thank you so much either way. Love reading your work.


The last time I tried I was nixed in 12 minutes! I'm not kidding!

@REX you’re the best that’s all 🤷🏻‍♂️. 🙏🏼.

@REX that day you got retweeted by @realdonaldtrump....was epic

@Doctor @REX

REXXURECTION still exists on Twitter, just checked. But it's dormant (perhaps every additional tweet there will remind them to suspend that one too?)


The individual SCOTUS justices handling emergency matters from specific Federal Circuits is nothing new. That how Justice Alito was able to issue the order for Pennsylvania to comply with the Secretary of the Commonwealth's guidance to segregate ballots that arrived after the Election Day deadline established by the state legislature.

@REX Does that mean that ACB is assigned to the RBG states of Connecticut, New York, Vermont? Wouldn’t that be glorious?


I've wondered why DJT didn't expose the 2018 voter fraud that gave the RATs the House; would have saved us 2 yrs of enduring Pelosi, Mueller, MSM lies. In 2017, DJT brought up the 2016 fraud! The SOS (Soros connected) refused to give up data from their states & the MSM ridiculed DJT for bringing it up! DJT knew Cankles did "NOT" get 3M more in the popular votes in 2016! Now, it makes more sense. Patience is the key in destroying one's enemies; foreign & domestic.

@HunDriverWidow @REX

I get the sense that this is a huge undertaking, and there was too much other political 💩 going on that required his attention.

That’s how they operate.

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