To me, Biden is losing badly.

He barely tweets or makes a public appearance.

He is not registering with Americans. There is zero enthusiasm for the man, let alone 2% Kamala.

Biden/DNC crooks are being purged 24/7 from the administration.

All they have is the hot air of FakeNews.

And that isn't going to get them to the finish line.

Just my opinion.

Stay tuned!

@REX meanwhile Trump's I WON THE ELECTION! tweet is being memed and shared far and wide. A lot of the retweets are mocking him of course (as far as I've seen), but the message is propagated nonetheless.

@REX @lettersof - If you read the alternative news, including certain posts which shall be unmentioned, you know it's not going to be an issue. Trump will be President for another term. This is just "show and tell" to show the public that we need to tighten up voting laws and Voter ID.

If Trump had an outright win, nobody would pay attention to these issues. Trump is creating drama intentionally (by letting them hang themselves with their own rope), so people have a sense of urgency.

@REX it all seems so very chaotic right now. trump tweeting multiple times that the election was secure against foreign interference, while sidney powell tweets focuses strongly on evidence of foreign interference. michigan canvassers flipping back and forth and being ambiguous about certifying results. Giuliani seeming quite meek in his court appearance. no word from Barr on all of this, nor Gina or Wray as you point out.

@hexaruz @REX

Sounds to me like typical strategic deception from DJT.

“Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.”

Sun Tzu


Of course.

Trump wants this.

'In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity' Sun Tzu

You getting it yet?


Did you see the fist bump between kameltoe and Graham on the senate floor?

@stephanieanne @REX

Call Graham's office in DC & leave your comments as in millions of Americans leave your comments.


@stephanieanne @REX Lindsay is an ass kisser & has a real need to be liked. But he votes with Mitch & Trump.



I doubt Trump cares that much.

Graham is no threat to DJT. Overall he's been excellent.

Graham is just doing what he needs to do. Trump would understand 100%.

@stephanieanne @REX - That doesn't bother me so much. After all, they're on the same committee. For all we know, that might have been a scripted part of Trump Theater.

@stephanieanne @REX
He is just "reaching across the aisle" since she will still be the junior Senator from California....

@REX Team Biden has not convinced Limbaugh or Levin. I listen and learn from those two talk show hosts.

The fake news media has been pleading to accept a rigged election but I'm seeing grassroot rallies in California(!) supporting Trump.

I'm waiting for the Democrat Party to accept defeat and surrender. Its gonna take multiple moabs for this to finally happen

@REX G'day REX, thanks for your very enlightening threads and toots mate. Can you expand a bit on the purging of these DNC crooks and Biden please mate.. I can picture a lot of them looking for hidey-holes.

@REX I have to tell you that I get very uncomfortable when the enemy is this silent.

@REX - My opinion is that this is an exercise in public education and awareness. Show the people how corrupt our election system is. Although I have my moments of doubt, overall I'm pretty sure he'll be president. I just can't believe all of these local officials are acting so poorly.

Also, re: the two Republicans on the Wayne County canvassing board. Trump still has a good argument that they signed under duress. That means they didn't certify.

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