Buckle up, folks.

Hard days ahead. With a good ending, but tough days.

If your loved ones say 'it's a coup etc' remember to be polite and just say 'I can't work out what's going on, let's see what happens'.

Don't engage. Don't argue. Don't fight.

You can explain everything later.

Chillax. Cool heads. Be like Trump.

The Establishment is Already Premptively Labeling a Potential Trump Win a "Coup"


Excellent advice. Needed to hear that before starting my day.

@REX While visiting my 83 year old mother in law last night, trying to convince her, he will prevail, she was trying to convince me he lost. Even his family is telling him to concede she said. I said, “what? Who said that? No way would his family abandon him. They are strong.” This coming from the matriarch of a strong Italian family boggles my mind. My husband and I told her to turn off MSM.

@Ballerina @REX The addiction to MSM is real. I see it here everyday. Those afflicted are so far behind in information, it is futile to debate with them.

@dl46g @REX I am trying to tell this family to keep the faith. Hold strong. Don’t falter. There are ones who are trying to hang on by dangling on a thread but I see how the people around them are breaking them. I just. Don’t. Understand. I can however see how psychologically it could wear you down. When that starts to creep in on me, I put my head down and stay the course and remind myself: There has never been, a President Donald J. Trump 🇺🇸

@REX If I said this to my relatives...'I can't work out what's going on, let's see what happens', they would say of course you can work it out because it's a coup. TDS is real and don't ya know, we are the ones that are lost, can't think for ourselves, etc.

@REX I'm still muddling through all this "new found information" (to me).
Are you anywhere else that I can read your fabulous insights? 😀
I ended up on this forum just b/c of the amazing Thomas Wictor (wooo, that was a journey) and want to devour more.

@EngOnDemand @REX well I have on my car back window. I don’t think they will try to engage me .

@inverness01 @REX

That like having a Trump sticker on your bumper to protect your car?

@REX I have friends from grade school that are hard core liberals that are friends on Facebook. Because of the length of friendship I just can't defriend them.

I placed them all on "30 Day Snooze" right after election day. Keeps my blood pressure low as I don't have to listen to them gloat. By time 30 days is done a lot will have changed.

After 30 days I will go back and read their timelines as it transitions from gloat to horror.

@Cask23 @REX

I’ve also snoozed several friends in FB. The question that I have left is how much do we get to gloat afterwards?


@REX Welp they were going to burn the country down anyway. Better that than a stolen election to China Joe. The good thing the China Virus is history after President Trump is declared the winner. All is well. Click!

@REX This was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you. My first toot :)

@REX I tell them that "Only Time will tell. Time, just a flat circle to some. An inevitable measure of impending doom for others."

@REX Nice to be a part of this small community. I just got kicked off of Twitter so let's see where this all ends.

Please share my video tribute to this wonderful thread, if you can:

@REX my sisters co worker keeps crying trump is hitler we r doomed..i told her just say this..yes he is isnt it wonderful..simply bc she has suffered verbal abuse from this person begore while trying to defend potus

havent heard the results yet

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.