In any previous election, Joe Biden would be immediately forced to withdraw from the campaign.

Maybe he will, but I doubt it.

And it will get worse and worse for him.

For anyone who is worried, my advice is to stay calm.

Remember, all leftists are cognitively impaired. Leftards are loud, but they are definitely a minority.

They also never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. They lie in a pathological manner and always overreach in their simple-minded attacks.

Enjoy the show.

@Jaime @REX

``Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity'' - we keep saying that about the Palestinians. No wonder leftists are aligned with them 🙂


Popcorn is now officially its own food group in my home, Rex. It's almost at the fat section of the pyramid, but steak and burgers are better.

@REX - I coined a new slogan: "Peace Through Strength." We've had a lot of turmoil in our politics since really the 1960's just because leftists knew if they screamed loud enough, Republicans would back down. Once they realize that Republican Party is gone and their tactics aren't going to work anymore, maybe we can return to some more civil discourse. Until then, we punch back twice as hard. It works the same way as in the military.


Hiden isn't dropping out. The laptop is Russian disinfo!!!

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