1. Apart from his concerns about vote fraud, Trump may be playing up the Democrat hoax about USPS for another reason.

It may well result in a lower Dem turnout.

Trump knows that his base aren't fooled and will turn out in droves. Dem voters, however?

Consider. In reality, they're already dejected. Psychologically they are probably looking for reasons not to vote at all.

'Muh Drumpf postal collection boxes' may be perfect.


2. Ever since Obama took over the Dems, they've been on a hayride to hell.

Since 2008, at every level of power they've been in steady decline.

When it comes to Trump, the buffoon from Chicago & his thugs have been the 'brains' behind every failed scam. Trump/Russia, Ukraine, Antifa, it's the same useless team.

And now USPS.

Little wonder they're still screwing up.

The Dems are effectively sabotaging their own votes, with their own hoax. But they think they're winning.

Too funny.


Living in a bubble will do that. Watching it burst again Nov. 2, 2020 will be rewarding. There is NO enthusiasm for Biden/Harris,


That's totally the name of a tell-all book of the Democrats of this period, a Grade-B horror movie, or both.




Very good point about the effect that this push for mail-in voting could have on Democrat turnout.

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