Anyone seen this? Chris Wallace pointing out that the Democrats aren't sending anyone out to appear on the major networks.

We have spoken a lot about the superiority complex of these loons. They genuinely believe that they are the most important people in history. Unaccountable and untouchable, morally pure and intellectually superior.

It's not just that they believe that they're entitled to power. They STILL THINK THEY'RE IN POWER.

@REX Absolutely ridiculous. Hillary hid, roped off and forbid interviews without a set list of questions but Biden is a new extreme. He can’t remember his wife’s name much less the answers to anything. I personally know at least 5 idiots that will vote for Biden.

@Twi_brarian @REX

My dear sweet 94 year old mother, a lifelong Republican, says she sees Biden on TV and he doesn't even make sense. She had a friend with dementia and sees the signs.

@JustDJ @Twi_brarian @REX

So true. Biden’s signs of dementia are textbook. As much as I despise his politics and greed, my heart breaks for the lost, manipulated soul he has become.
My brilliant, innovative young mother worked hard, desperate to compensate for all she lost as she progressed through the stages. Stress rapidly increases the progression in leaps and bounds. May Biden’s pimp wife rot in hell.

@MaggieMoore @Twi_brarian @REX

I see Joe biden and all I can think is elder abuse. He should be resting in a quiet house eating pudding, not running for president.


I actually believe Wallace was more offended on a personal level than by anything the Dem press avoidance says about the attitude of the left in general. Too often, Wallace is too hoist on his own petard to notice that of others.

@REX This reaction from Chris Wallace was gold to use against obnoxious Biden voters trolling It’s just a simple thing to ask, “why “? Why won’t he allow questions while he’s running for the most powerful office in the world? Why must he have prepared speeches only and/or have a handle with him to interpret his answers? For once they were silent. Well a couple of creeps made feeble jokes about muh Trump talking at a 6th grade level. 🙄

@Divnanata @REX

They write USA Today at a sixth-grade level for a reason.

Or as Malcolm X said, "We want to talk right down to earth in a language that everybody here can easily understand."

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