1. An attempted hit on Barr, from the same crowd that went after Kavanaugh.

And before them, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, General Flynn and of course, Trump.

Watching the performance of the Democrats today, I am profoundly depressed. These are truly evil and sick people.

To lie so easily and tolerate the criminality of the Obama admin, as well as to be so blase about the death of innocent people in major American cities, points to a new level of moral corruption.

2. And of course the media sector - nothing more than the PR Department of the Dems - facilitates the evil.

I sure hope that Trump has a plan to destroy the Democratic Party. Because if it isn't done and these evil people have power, America is done and he will have failed.

My worst fear is that Trump has decided to risk going to the election in November, without any major indictments.

That would be a grave miscalculation. Evil is powerful. If it is permitted to cause havoc, it will.

3. A frightened population will submit to evil.

That's why I am certain that everything has been very carefully planned by the patriots.

A plan that has started and will involve indictments of Obama officials before the election.

Just speculating but I think at least the following major players will go down between now and November 3 - Susan Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Yates, Rhodes, Power, Strzok, Pientka, Page, Clinesmith and also the major FakeNews conspirators.

4. The current circumstances require a major, definitive DOJ MOAB, that detonates the Democratic Party.

That says 'you evil SOBs don't scare us. We are coming after you. Now it is time for YOU to cower in fear.'

And that wakes up a fearful nation.

5. Such a move would change the entire dynamic of the election, of course.

But also would be the first real step towards restoring the rule of law.

As for Crooked Hillary and Obama?
There are some who believe they will never face justice.

I disagree.

Trump believes in revenge. Crooked and Obama almost destroyed America. They came after Trump and his family.

Trump will exact an awful revenge.

You can count on it.

6. That revenge may or may not be delivered by indictment.

I think it will be, once the public are on board.

My view is that Trump's revenge on them will be after the election. Trump will let them both sit and watch as their cronies get taken out, one by one, from late August 2020 onwards.

A slow and painful takedown.

Trump has said Clinton will be jailed. Also he has repeatedly and directly accused Obama of treason.

POTUS isn't gaslighting. He knows EVERYTHING.

7. And POTUS Trump wants Americans to be united and confident.

Not as they are now, divided and in fear.

Restoring the rule of law and bringing these evil people to justice is a key part of that.

The end.


It can be truly depressing. The Dems have become a cancer that must be cut out.

I agree with you Rex. I think Barr make a reference today. It’s not like ordering a pizza. I myself wish it were.

with the riots i think the Dems are detonating themselves.

Once Trump wins Re-election he will bring the thunder. We must take the House back. ( as we all know) Nice thread. Thank you 👍

@REX One of the final scenes in the great movie “The Drop” with Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini....”Nobody ever sees you coming do they Bob”

@RangerJohn @REX

Tom Hardy as Bob... seemingly harmless and unimportant - but the real deal.

@RangerJohn @REX One of the best movies that never got the recognition it deserved. Great twisty turny story. Hardy always delivers even if the script is pure shite. In this case his performance and the story are pure excellence. I think Taboo is coming back. I can't wait.

@REX they’re definitely needs to be something big to open the eyes of all these rabid haters that they have been blindsided and lied to and lead by the nose. It needs to be a slap so hard this heads swivel!! There is no getting through to them talking and trying to show them how wrong they are. You have mentioned friend or family you’ve tried to get through to and I have the same. Normal functioning adults just so stuck in the narrative they can’t see straight anymore. They need a gut punch!!

@REX indictments must come before election. It will let the people know that yes, justice prevails and there is no two tiered system of justice. It will energize even more people who don’t vote to vote!

@Ballerina @REX I follow our COsweda on Twitter, and I think Trump will wait. 62% of people are ``afraid to speak their minds'', meaning that Trump will win in a landslide, regardless of indictments. Also, in the beginning of his second term (which will come, don't worry), he'll be able to go with the indictments without being accused of doing so for political reasons.

@Zemeliko @REX I follow Carlos as well. I am not worried - Trump will win. In fact, I believe his landslide will include 49 states (poor NY). After all they’ve done to him in his first term (personally, I want a do-over for all the obstruction/sedition), I don’t give two craps about “an election year”. Those indictments need to come whenever the timeline predicates. And I don’t care what how the Dims will spin it - BEFORE or AFTER his presidential win.

It will be interesting to see what form his revenge will take. It may not be throwing them in jail.🤔

@REX ``The crimes are obvious, you can read about them in every newspaper, except yours'' 🤣 😂 Your president is just awesome!

@REX The fearful are in masks everywhere waiting to do battle at the grocery store. We need a MOAB.


If Biden chooses Susan (Liar) Rice as his running mate, do you have an idea of whether or not that would in any way delay criminal action against her?

@kbrendell @REX That may be what they are trying to do. If Barr drops the info now, though, does that negate the argument?

@REX I don't think it will be dumped all at once. I think every few days we will hear news of indictments and that will flood the news cycle until they think they have buried it, and then another...and another. We have 96 days and a LOT of bad people to indict!


Problem is courts not taking cases because of Covid (grand juries)- they can easily drag things out past the election.

If a major indictment were to be made, the press would either deflect and/or pretend it was just a slap on the wrist.

If Trump were to delay this beyond November, it would be because he has good reason like it would make a bigger impact in the long run in wrecking his enemies.


There is nothing "new" about this level of moral corruption of Dems and establishment Repubs.

They've just become unusually open about it.


it was expected. At this point I just shrug it off. They keep saying the same thing about doing "fascist" Trump's bidding, that he is "undermining" the rule of law, etc...

Broken records at this point.

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