1. More evidence of NBC's grovelling to the Chinese regime.

Owner of NBC? COMCAST. Sorry, Concast.

I have a bombshell new article coming (Saul has it now) that exposes Concast's (and it's shareholders) sedition with Xi and his crime gang, aka Chinese Communist Party.

When it's published, please consider getting it to everyone you know.

Another thing.



2. Don't forget that CNN is owned by none other than A T & T, who also do a lot of business with the Chinese regime and (among other things) was one of the chief backers used by Xi to get Huawei into the US.

A T & T and Concast have the same majority shareholders, who are ALSO lapdogs to Xi & his goons.

And wait until you learn about their relationship with the Obama administration.

More soon.

The end.


Only Ken Dilanian, inkshitter No3 and longtime John Brennan waterboy could reger to China as "an economic superpower".

A country with a GDP per capita lower than Bolivia's.

There is no lie these Komsomol will not tell to advance their fallacies.

Incidentally, Italy, 5th Industrial power in the world has shifty hospitals and needs help?


Two words: Socialized medicine.

The same that Dilanian and his boss want to shove down our throats.

Commie bastards.

@Debradelai @REX

Quite a narrative engineering job. He conveniently ignores the shoddy supplies that China has sold to Spain. Xi and is goons are setting the stage of blaming foreigners for the virus once the infections flare up because they prematurely let people from "quarantine".

@Debradelai @REX

Given their piss-poor medical "care," is this a surprise?

Italian nurse who fell ill commits suicide over fears of spreading coronavirus, nursing group says

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