Only the most lowlife corrupt scumbag would still be defending Xi at this point.

I give you cretin Tim Kaine, who would have been Crooked's VPOTUS if her rigging of the 2016 election had succeeded.


That is one of the positives, all the traitors are stepping up. Take note!


And Tim Kaine ...that ...scumbag!

(VeggieTales' Larry The Cucumber Larryboy voice)

@REX That dude always looks like he's possessed. It's creepy.

Democrats called Trump a racist over restricting travel to and from China. Meanwhile the CCP is looking like it is setting the stage to blame the virus on foreigners.


@REX Proud father of a "brownshirt" as well!

Tim Kaine's son faces misdemeanor charges after Trump rally incident

@REX please keep him...we the ppl DO NOT want him. The treasonous bastard


@REX - There appears to be an unspoken bond between rabid, long-time alcoholics. Timmie is often seen stumbling out of the woods where Crooked is known to wallow in her own filth.


As if we didn’t have enough reasons to be thankful Killary didn’t win, add this dirt bag to the list as well! Thank you God!

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