This is a MOAB.

Us QV'ers have been on this for ages, but this is the first senior FBI official admitting that the FBI were using illegal warrantless surveillance - as far back as 2014 (it was earlier, far earlier, but this is still massive).

Slimeball Andrew McCabe was right in the thick of it, of course. And all the others.

@REX That how they got Judge Roberts To Pass Obamacare! They are still blackmailing him from the dirt they got on him, Guaranteed!

Seeing as how Trump shut this program down, according to the article, the blackmailing of the USSC chief justice will end, then? Maybe we we'll get real actual proper rulings in the future.

There were hints that illegal surveillance had been going on under Obama all the way to 2012. It made it sounds that was the norm under Obama.

@REX To sum it all up, look no further than the last two words, ‘Political Espionage’.

@REX -

and I'm hoping it encourages more of those 'hard working rank and file' FBI agents to come forward.

@Lonestar @REX

May some good ones left outside the beltway please step up. This cannot be cleaned from the suburbs of DC and Baltimore.

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