Ben Rhodes wasn't just the key link between
Obama and FakeNews, some guy in the basement of the White House.

Rhodes was also Obama's National Security Council Communications Director. As in, the Vindman NSC.

The odious little worm is likely involved in the Ukraine hoax and Trump's rigged impeachment.

I'm hoping that Ben Rhodes goes away for DECADES. He's caused massive damage to the American Republic and deserves nothing less - and a lot more.

@REX Ben bragged about creating his media “echo chamber” while constantly lying to the American people for years.

It is so supremely satisfying that today he is “a noisy gong or a clanging symbol” that absolutely NO ONE listens to!


That face alone merits severe punishment. Backpfiefengesicht as our friend would say.


Amen to all the above! The entirety of the Zero administration should die in a fed pen.

@2020_DJT @REX @dannodo

Marion or Leavenworth preferred.

Marion is so bad it is unrated on the scale of fed pen nastiness.

@athena12 @REX @dannodo

Well, if everyone had a live round, it would work out just fine.

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