1. So let's talk about Mile Bloomberg.

A man who knows he cannot win the Presidency, but who is spending hundreds of $millions anyway.

Logic: a man who is desperate.


2. The popular FakeNews narrative is that Bloomberg and the Clintons aren't close.

That's utter crap.

As early as 2010, Bloomberg was donating up to $1 MILLION per annum to the Clinton Foundation:

3. In July 2016, guess who crawled out of the woodwork to endorse Crooked as POTUS?

Michael Bloomberg.

4. Here's the weasel speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

28 July 2016.

BADLY. He's a terrible speaker.

'It is imperative that we elect Hillary Clinton...'

6. Fast forward to Feb 16, 2020.

A few days ago.

Look who Bloomberg just recruited as one of his key campaign staffers. Quote:

'Bloomberg has tapped DC-based Marshall, who was President Bill Clinton’s White House social secretary from 1997 to 2001. Under the Obama administration, she served as chief of protocol of the United States — a sensitive diplomatic position bearing the rank of ambassador — from 2009 to 2013.'

7. Capricia Marshall sounds like a 'real beauty', as DJT would say. Quote:

'Capricia Marshall is one of the very top people in Hillary’s immediate inner circle, she is far more than a campaign person, far more than a political aide, and is a very respected insider in the Obama circle.'

Now ask yourself : why would Mike Bloomberg be working with Obama/Clinton goons?

Let me share my conclusion:

8. Bloomberg is EXPOSED.


There is no logical reason for him to even be in this race. And squandering his fortune.

Unless the reason is perfectly logical.

I hear that Sing Sing is cold in the winter.

The end.

9. ADDENDUM : Clinton & Obama have dirt on a lot of people.

Blackmail and extortion would be useful for them right now.

'We go down, Mike, YOU go down.'

FakeNews hacks to billionaires, are all getting the same message.

IMO e smart ones flipped a while back. They went to Trump's team, revealed all and will accept the consequences.

The ones who haven't? They've figured that flipping achieves nothing, for them.

There's NO DEAL available.

Let's see if Mini-Mike is one of them.

The end.

10. And how about this.

Between 2008-2016, Bloomberg's wealth EXPLODED.

The guy went from 142nd to 17th on the Forbes List between 2008-2010.

Unheard of. Bloomberg was leapfrogging families whose taken DECADES to build their wealth, such as the Walmart dynasty.

In 2008 his worth was $11.5 billion. By 2016? $43 BILLION.

Obama? 2008-2016.

What a strange coincidence.

Unless there's no coincidence.

You know what I think. Lets see what happens.

@REXGreat post! Wow, I KNEW there had to be a reason for him to be doing this (beyond the obvious to most) I was guessing he knows he isnt going to win but was looking for a possible spot
(in case of a Dem win). You just expanded my thinking, hmmm🤔


Bloomberg ran with the usual suspects. Harvey Weinstein. Jeffry Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell. Kevin Spacey. etc., etc. Being the perverted bastard he is I wouldn’t put anything past him

I’m sure he has some fishy business going on w/China as well.

“The Communist Party wants to stay in power in China and they listen to the public,” Bloomberg said. “Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents or he’s not going to survive.”

Mini Mike is a huge fan of China.


Here’s Bloomberg in Jeffry Epstein’s little black book.


How many underage teenie bopper girls (Or boys) did Bloomberg pay to massage his zagnuts? Oops! I meant back. Mini Mike has had multiple lawsuits and accusations against him for sexual harassment. He’s an old pervert. There’s no disputing that. He’s filthy rich! He was one who thought his $$$ could get him out of any situation regardless of how bad it was. And you can bet your arse he took full advantage of that. That is, until PDJT came on scene. Getting nervous, Bloomberg?

@MarcusJ65 @REX

wow, he's a real "piece of work" a disgusting excuse for a human being

@2020_DJT You'd have to wonder who put him up to it, wouldn't ya??


At the Las Vegas rally last night, PDJT: "I don't think he's going to be the nominee."


Is it possible Bloomberg was thrown in as a decoy, sucking up all the advertising air, attention, etc.? Or am I way off base?


This is why I follow. People put together timelines I don't have time to do. . . . Fantastic, Rex!


We don’t believe in coincidences! I’m ready to see what happens too.

@REX very interesting. It makes sense. The guy looked out of his league last night. He is either exposed, being “driven” by the Clintonistas to run so Hillary becomes *cough,cough* President, or both. Once Trump gets re-elected (let’s not take this for granted-go vote), the fecal matter should start to hit the wind dispersal unit.

@REX Bloomberg, what a mess he is! Yep he’s standing tall for somebody 🙄

@REX Great thread. The only thing is, for a guy worth $50 billion, spending the money he’s spending is hardly “squandering” money for him. It means nothing. $500 million or even $1 billion won’t make a dent in his personal fortune.


That's true.

But most of these guys are total cheapskates. Look at Trump - he hated wasteful spending.

Bloomberg is on track to spend $1 billion + on this and he's got a very small chance of success. So why do it?

Only explanation = Asshole.Last night he showed just how big.

@Jaime @REX @RJHNY1

Bloomberg has judas goats advising him imo. Ever since he's entered, the democrats are like an absolute dog fight among each other. The only person who benefits? POTUS

@watch4thedrop @Jaime @REX @RJHNY1

How funny if this is all a big set up.

Bloomberg destroys the Dem party, gets Trump reelected, and Trump gives him a cabinet post.

Imaging the exploding liberal heads.

@retdoc @watch4thedrop @Jaime @REX @RJHNY1 Anything is possible. With President Trump and 5D chess, Yup, anything is possible!❤️🇺🇸❤️

@REX Power. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I don’t disagree that he could very well have something to hide. But let’s not easily dismiss these people want power and lots of it.


I recall that the DNC is not financially sound and that campaign laws put conditions and limits on individual contributions. But if he is running himself, there are no limits to the billions he can spend.

By spending hugely on himself to bash and pull support from Trump, then throwing his support to the eventual nominee, he helps the Dems while saving them money.


Mike Bloomberg through his business news corporation has been a big supporter of China. I would guess he was compensated by the Communist Party of China in some manner for this. Trump is a threat to this gravy train and probably why Bloomberg is running. I also wouldn't be surprised if the CPC is bankrolling his campaign.

Talking about foreign interference in our elections. 🙄

@REX would love to know where he got his wealth so quickly.

2008 was a BAD year for MOST Americans.
Lost my assets.

@REX he is pouring a lot of money into some heavily depleted coffers. Both the DNC and their media subsidiaries. Side effect or main purpose?

@REX Understand this as well. 2008 was the big crash and EVERY business on Wall Street took massive hits and took years to recover, even with some help. NONE of them, with possibly the exception of Goldman Sachs saw exponential growth and the only reason Sachs saw such growth was the enforcement of the need for small brokers to have an introductory broker dealer vouch for them. Goldman took them all on and made half of them merge and killed the others off. If Bloomberg profited he is DEEP Swamp!

@REX Brilliant thread again REX. I am enjoying the show. While Trump is looking younger and quite calm.


Great thread! Mind-boggling connections, intrigue, what-ifs. Will we EVER really know what is behind this and all the other soul-selling deals?

Ah, the Biden Gambit: run for office, therefore any investigation is politically motivated.

@Mongo3804 @REX

... Or he's throwing his hat in the ring because "everybody knows indicting a political opponent is merely dictatorial political persecution". /sarc off

Trump said a while back, he knows all Mini Mike's skeletons and he has them.

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