Given all the damage Obama has done, to tweet this reveals a very sick man.

Obama knows full well what went on under his administration. Rather than be honest and apologize, the coward keeps on lying.

The great news? Obama knows that Trump knows EVERYTHING.

All the Chicago huckster has left is FakeNews and fake twitter noise. Trump is like a lion, letting his enemy prey bleed out slow, until his final strike.


Yes, the "Divider In Chief" continues to fail in attempting to be relevant in a Trump world.

>> My understanding is that Obama set out to destroy our country. The following author used to be on the wrong side & finally woke up. Therefore he fully understood all of their intent & how they redefined words to fool us. The 'progressives' didn't even know what they wanted after destroying our country.


Obama was a professional political shakedown con man.

All his fancy speeches were a cover-up to all bribery and graft schemes behind the scenes.

His years in office make sense was you realize it was one big shakedown on everyone from insurance companies to foreign oligarchs to terrorists cartels.

Trump has investigators putting together the money laundering trails. It will all come out.

That's why they hate Trump so much. He said he'd drain the swamp and he's actually doing it.

@Alex_Graham @REX

It will be a long, complex and very difficult process.

It will take years.

But it must be done.

The opposition is so committed to that overwhelming proof must be presented - and criminal prosecutions and convictions really MUST happen.

Not easy.

But necessary.

@REX did he not make propaganda legal with some eo? Hysterical he had the nerve to tweet that and all his parishoners come to worship him in his thread. Amazing....


James Woods

And speaking of , imagine if you and your had ever respected and protected it. Imagine if you had actually enforced our laws and our borders. Imagine if you hadn’t tried every trick in the book to encourage rampart by illegals.

3:47 AM · Feb 12, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

@bjssunshine @REX
Wow. Thanks for that. There’s hardly a positive one in the bunch.
I can’t stand the dude gets a million like for things like.... a Christmas picture from 3 years previous with his manufactured family. Are the likes real? Sometimes I think the likes are manufactured as well. Then watch president Trumps tweet likes disappear as they go up. It’s all a sham.


Exactly. Our "big cat" is playing them to death.
Cats do that. And the ones being played with know there's no escape.

@REX The replies to the tweet are priceless! So much fun.


Absolutely! Those comments are totally "emperor has no clothes" gold.

Knowing how thin skinned he is, it probably irritates him that he no longer has the the power of the federal government to wield against us "wee folk".


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