Yet another absolutely outstanding twitter thread by Thomas @ThomasWic

Wictor is ON FIRE right now.

As I've said for years, Thomas is social media's first great writer and cultural commentator.

You may have a different view, but to me he is like Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe all in one. And Thomas Wictor, of course.

Be under no illusions. Thomas will HATE me saying this, but he's going to be a famous public figure.

We were there at the start.

@REX Oh yes, we were able to have the miracle of @ThomasWic's sharp insights these days, some of already from the time of his blog. And we all appreciate it very much 🙂

@REX @ThomasWic

And at this point, Yang is almost invisible, or at least "on the bubble" for being eliminated, having failed to qualify the January 14th debate. He reportedly managed to qualify for the upcoming debate on February 7th.

@COsweda: "Just now was the first time I looked at Andrew Yang's policies. The reason I never did before is that I knew that he would offer nothing but a return to misery and failure.

And I was right!

He's even worse than I thought."

@REX @ThomasWic “infantile hatred for Trump” sums up what we have been seeing since the Nov. 2016 election night result. The Dems need to have their bottoms severely spanked and sent to bed without dinner.

@REX @ThomasWic

"Andrew Yang represents the problems that WE elected Trump to fix."

Well stated, Thomas -- and I think it might be applied to EVERY democratic presidential candidate.

@REX @ThomasWic I whole heartedly agree!!! He has a terrific way of making a point, giving a history lesson, and adding a bit of dry humor all at once!! But don’t count yourself out of the equation Rex. We all enjoy your words and perspective also!! You have a way of zeroing in on points and clarifying what we may not have put much thought to. Very enlightening!!

@REX @ThomasWic
I agree. Thomas has a quiet presence that drops the hammer ever so susinctly and deadly.

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