1. Gaslighters, blowhards and idiots who say they're pro-Trump, continue to push Devlin Barrett's FakeNews.

Again, Huber was NOT tasked to conduct an investigation into Clinton or the Clinton Foundation.

He was tasked to REVIEW issues raised by Congressman Goodlatte and then TO MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS to the AG and DAG.

You can see the letter at page 24. Read it carefully.

2. IMO, Huber almost certainly recommended that DOJ start criminal investigations into the CF, as well as the FBI cover-up of her email scandal.

Why? Because it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that BOTH are as dodgy as hell. I worked it out just by researching on the internet.

It's probably being conducted by Durham, but it could be another prosecutor. Or both.

And it's being kept under wraps. For good reason.

3. If you want to believe trash and fiction peddled by a corrupt Clinton FakeNews inkshitter and the Hannity Posse, be my guest.

Barrett's drivel is linked below. It's the most ridiculous piece he has ever written -and that's saying something.

As for me? From the start, I've said Trump means to takedown the Clinton Crime Family. The Republic can't be restored without it happening.


I was 100% certain on Nov 8, 2016.

And today, too.

The end.

4. ADDENDUM : can someone please get this thread to the great Brian Cates, Jeff Carlson or other twitter heavyweights to get the message out?

Many thanks.


Thank you, Rex. We don't know if Huber was granted an opportunity to charge anyone. We may find out when he's finished, which Barr had said in Nov. 2019, soon.


He wasn't.

He was asked to conduct a review, not an investigation or prosecution.

Durham started by investigating leaks and that turned into an investigation into spygate once he got enough evidence through leak investigations.

Huber is looking at what matters where improperly handled and have them referred to whomever. We'll have to see later on if that morphs into him being tasked to investigate matters that were dubiously handled.

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Worry not. I get of all his stuff. But it never hurts to make sure.

Of course, it's easier to tag @drawandstrike ...

@Elaines2cents @REX I was gonna do it but you already did dear Elaine! Love being a part of this team! ❤️

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Elaine I wish I had your brain and computer know how. You are awesome.


Brian picked it up and retweeted as did many others 😉

RussiaGate Was 100% Fake SpyGate Is 100% Real
Here's Rex's thread at where he has something to get off his chest:

@Elaines2cents @drawandstrike

Thanks Elaine - and Brian.

Important to let people know the truth.

@REX Thank you. Now I got some ammo. Couldn't find this on my own. Will do what I can to spread on twatter.

@REX this thread has been posted by Brian Cates and RT many times. Thank you Truth Warrior for setting truth free

The interesting thing about this fake news is that it is propaganda that also fools Trump's enemies. They end up letting their guard down.

There is something going on there but we'll have to see when the Trump's DOJ reveals it.


I've always pissed ink as it's easier to aim. I don't believe I'm in the same league as inshitters.

>> I have always remembered the following statement during the debates when Trump said to Hillary...

"... and you'd be in jail"

After the elections, she never went away quietly, which is another reason she will eventually have to face the music ten fold.

According to Barr - Huber was tasked with looking into Hillary Clinton👇🏻👇🏻⁉️⁉️🤔

@REX would you mind if I took a pic of each one and posted it to twitter

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