1. You see, this is what happens in journalism when you let incompetence float to the top.

Karen Tumulty seems determined to destroy her own career, in a never ending series of idiotic tweets.

2. It's almost as if the strategy of these FakeNews inkshitters these days is to throw out the most imbecilic statement their tiny little brains can think of.

And then pray that it sticks.

Remember this clown?

3. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, aka Comical Ali or Baghdad Bob.

Saddam Hussein's Information Minister.

On 8 April 2003, quote: ''the Americans are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks. They will surrender, it is they who will surrender".

When asked where he had got his information his reply, "authentic sources—many authentic sources. I'm a professional, doing my job.''

The US armed forces were 250 meters away and Saddam had fled.

4. Karen Tumulty is today's Baghdad Bob. An imbecile and a clown, peddling lies.

She is joined by about 50-60 other key FakeNews hacks. More than a few supplementing their income and/or ego by taking.bribes from lowlives such as Fusion GPS.

Losers, the lot of them.

And like Baghdad Bob, there's only one outcome that's guaranteed.


It really takes a very low IQ, to think you can take down someone like Trump.

Trump lets them think they can, too.

5. When they fall, they probably won't be aware it has happened.

Too arrogant. Too DUMB.

I wonder if Tumulty ever noticed that black cleaner, who was always vacuuming her office as she left work?

Or the guy who drove her limo?

That lowly girl who did her photocopying?

Hey, Suddenly they weren't there anymore.

Trump's crowd.

Nah, Tumulty never saw them. Nor Tater Stetler. Or the others.

So, we let them crow into the void. And we laugh.

The end.


Oh, Rex, this is a delicious thread on a Sunday morning. Thank you!


Yes, great thread Rex! A wonderful way to start the day...💕


Great thread Rex...Trump will have the last laugh where these s.o.b. are concerned...the higher they climb the fake news ladder the harder they'll fall.. but they will be falling in the appropriate direction at least...🔥..😎

@REX Good stuff Rex, puts a grin on an old blokes chin Down Under.


The arrogant idiots don't even SEE these people around them ... they consider these folks "irrelevant." It's incredible.

Because these individuals are often the very ones whose assistance is crucial in getting the truth out there.


They are all going down! Fake news networks will no longer hold sway over America! The truth will out at journalism will return to its rightful place.

The internet is full of journalists working hard to research & get stories published. Karen will be easily replaced by someone with intelligence & integrity!

Trump IS a chess master!


Attribution where it is due. It's a Saul M-B original @Debradelai

@REX @BeFree @Debradelai It is... we all liked it so much we've popularized it 😆

@Dubby @REX
I was thinking more on the ''fresh stinking Jobby , But that's what comes to mind when I think of Fake News Journalism.


Let ‘em squeal. It’ll all be over soon enough and IF there’s a brain in that hollow skull of theirs they’ll be too ashamed to show their faces in public after all is said and done. My guess is that very few, if any at all, will show any remorse for the lies they spread about PDJT.

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