1. NYT - hey everyone, OIG Report is a big nothingburger, Comey, Strzok and Page are in the clear, it was all just low level employees, Carter Page FISA was just a bit careless etc . IOW - nothing to see here.

Being NYT the piece is meticulously researched of course, based on 'according to people familiar with the matter' and also 'The New York Times has not reviewed the draft'.

My take? This is 100% FakeNews BS or Trump's team leaking FakeNews BS. Let's see which one.


2. Trouble is that this FakeNews narrative directly contradicts other related events, that suggest the direct opposite of what they're trying to sell. Off the top of my head:

- the FISC court Judge Collyer opinion that revealed damning Obama FISA abuse
- evidence of hundreds of unmaskings by Obama apparatchiks that appear to be illegal
- solid evidence that Mifsud was a western Intel asset likely CIA
- Stefan Halper
- the Page/Strzok emails

3. (cont'd)

- Strzok, Page, Comey, McCabe and others removed
- Durham's ongoing & global criminal probe, much stemming from the IG investigation
- Ratcliffe (who has access) saying it will be 500 pages long and 'damning'
- the manipulated FD302s on General Flynn
- solid evidence of Steele's fabricated evidence being used by State Dept, DOJ and FBI

I could go on and on. So my conclusion is that the NYT are pushing propaganda and that it's total garbage.

Now - it may also be true.

4. And remember, Horowitz remit and powers are limited. However if all we get from a (supposedly) 500 page report is what NYT is pushing, after almost 4 years of investigation, I would be astonished.

And very, VERY angry, as well as disappointed.

Which is why I'm not fooled by the NYT, nor am I concerned. Notice something about the article? It seems to be based on a fictional outcome.

5. Every crazed leftard right now is drooling as they read it, thinking:

'If the NYT is right, this will be very damaging for Drumpf, because he has been pushing exactly the opposite narrative to the deplorables, for ages. They won't vote for him! Also, this will open a wide door to take out Barr, Durham and yes, OrangeMan himself! At last, the Drumpf is about to go down! Horowitz is a hero!'

That's what the article is playing to.

6. IOW, it's probably wiser to consider this NYT piece as yet more masturbatory FakeNews fan fiction, about to be exposed as BS, than to take it seriously.

Expect more crap from these deluded blowhards and their allies at WaPo, CNN etc all the way to Dec 9, too.

They're scared and have every reason to be, as they are implicated in what went on.

Their downfall will be EPIC.

Enjoy the show!

The end.


POTUS Trump : FISA IG will be 'HISTORIC'.

That's from this morning BTW.

So, who do you believe? Fake News or POTUS Trump.

I've made my choice.

Game over. They thought she'd never lose.

Now, they ALL lose.

The end.


8. More and more evidence stacking up that the NYT and WaPo are LYING. Again.

IMO Trump's people fed them Fake News, which the idiots reported verbatim.

Anyway this time it's Matt Whitaker. He thinks it will be one of the most 'consequential' reports in over 20 years and also notes that Trump has been briefed on the IG Report.

Seems that everyone who has been briefed on it is saying it's huge except for douchebags at FakeNews. Do the math.


9. The Storm is almost upon us.

Or THEM, to be more accurate. The crooks that almost destroyed America.

I think they're trapped. And they know it, also.

What I expect we will see is a last, full on assault on Trump, Barr and the GOP, esp by FakeNews. However because they're lying, desperate and under pressure, they're going to screw up.

Inevitably we will mistakes, wild claims and ridiculous allegations, followed by facts that expose these crooks even more.

Another thing.


10. Team Trump has all the evidence.

They can turn on the momentum tap, whenever they want. Which is now, in my view.

POTUS Trump tweeted 'Hello, here we go' yesterday.



Endless damning revelations about crimes by the crooks and FakeNews reporters will now emerge like a tsunami, drowning the Republic's enemies.

Buckle up.

Reality is about to be inverted, for the normies.

Not for us though, my friends.

We did the work. Now we reap the rewards.

@REX My dad’s been watching Fox and Carter Page and a former FBI top guy (I forget what position) are poo-pooing with, ”A low-level guy will be thrown under the bus!”

Neither has seen the report, but they know it's going to be nothing. And of course, my dad is convinced of this too because of other reports.

I told him I doubt POTUS would talk big if it was nothing. That the report is like 900 pages. And fake news is in spin mode.

Hannity and co do such a disservice.


Like many your Dad just doesn't get Trump.

He's about to learn though.

@umad80 @REX You're doing better with your dad than I am with my brother who is Ron Paul fan and leaning anti Trump.

@redwhitebluedude @REX Yeah, he’s 100% Trump, just pessimistic.

I tell him, ”Do you think Trump is an idiot?”

He gets mad because of course he doesn't, but he's just so convinced the deep state will take Trump down.

Again, I blame Hannity.

@umad80 @REX
My brother is anti Trump, he wants Pompeo out as SoS. He is more of an isolanist in foreign policy and strongly disapproves what Trump is doing. I blame all the books he has been reading that have the theme of US overreach, decline and so forth. He is one of those people who wanted Trump to go with a banzai charge in 2017 against the Clinton-Obama cabal.

@REX Just as you predicted in early 2017. TRUMP is timing everything the release of all the real details for MAXIMUM effect. Setting traps along the way as the enemy(MSM) becomes more disoriented. You predicted that the greatest ever pupil of Sun Tzu was going to do this; now it’s happening!!! You always noted that TRUMP is an Apex Predator and I’ve always been thankful he fights for US.

@REX Excellent thread.

I know there are many conservatives - most, in fact - who have been disappointed so many times over the years that they are skittish and distrustful. The extreme double standard has destroyed trust.

The NYT "article" is yet another lie. This happens every day. They believe this obvious planted "news" garbage with the usual non-existent sources, despite the fact that the NYT has become radical leftist propaganda swill.


Correction: YOU did the work. Along with a handful of other stellar folks.

@karnage @REX

A team only engages when the team is there. No singular heroes at all. Rex and the others are the Patton's to lead the charge. We had to do our parts as well because they could never have done it alone.

Just as it was not Patton alone.


@REX Thank you, REX. SQV
has been my lifeline for truth.
When @Debradelai, @ThomasWic and you post toots, it is the
confirmation of my 💯% support
of our POTUS. God Bless PDJT,
the USA, and SQV! ❤️ 🇺🇸

@REX For me that would be like reaching the summit of Everest!
It'd be the pinnacle of my life so far (no kids but it'd still come close lol)
I could literally die happy

@REX I was thinking earlier today that Trump's feeding this story to the Fake News so they get caught flatfooted when the truth comes out.

If a President perjuring himself and suborning perjury didn't count for the Senate to remove Bill Clinton, the most-vetted President in U.S. history can only benefit if the action moves to the Senate. President Trump has had a contingency for this for at least as long as the Democrats have been planning it.

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