Oh man. Schiff in full on panic mode.

The desperation of this Ukraine hoax and the way these people have convinced themselves that their lie is the truth, tells.you all.you need to know.

There's some horrible stuff they're trying to cover up. The truth will be hard. Simple as that.



Mad drunk Nancy Pelosi is another example.

An utter loon, corrupt as hell, trying to get rid of Trump to cover up her own crimes.

Screw these people. They're just so corrupt, such slimebags. Awful. The worst politicians in US history.

Hang em high


@REX ordinarily I am a rather humane person but I would completely be okay with the death sentence for these waste of life human beings. Hate is not a strong enough word for me to use . My being a Christian means I should have forgiveness in my heart but I AM a rather flawed Christian .

@Victoria99654 @inverness01 @REX The Bible isn't against capital punishment. It details several cases where it is demanded and says that the state has the authority to do so because they are put in place by God.

@CecilScribe @Victoria99654 @inverness01 @REX
The Old Testament basically is capital punishment. Probably the bloodiest book I ever read.
" go there kill every man, woman, child, dog, cat, chicken......."
"Oh...... you kept some silver?"
" kill them too"

@WarriorPoet @Victoria99654 @inverness01 @REX Also anyone who engages in homosexuality, bestiality, witchcraft, adultery, marriage without being a virgin (women only), kidnapping, and cursing or hitting a parent is to be put to death.

@inverness01 No need to worry , I’m a Catholic and although I ask God to forgive me for my deep hatred of these political coup plotters, when did God tell us not to hate pure EVIL.???

@Wrc @REX
She is indeed a babbling buffoon.

She has mastered talking forever and not saying a damn word.

@TommyDK @Wrc @REX
Right there in that picture she is performing the ancient art of denture wrestling

@REX I have to say if someone doesn’t get exposed soon ‘bigly’ Trump is going to lose a lot of people. Not in an actual vote but in enthusiasm. All this corruption has been seen now by many but they still walk free and tell us how to think and live. Many like my husband and some friends think it ‘business as usual’ ‘different rules for those connected’ and have become tired of the bullshit. One of these many strings of corruption needs to snap and catch them up in the net and drop them hard.

@REX @Kat I hear you very loud and clear, and am as impatient as a kid at Christmas. Although it may only be the stuff of the silver screen, over the past few days particularly, I can’t help imagining a retaining wall or dam under increasing pressure - a stone loosens and falls to the ground - then another - and another - more quickly and more numerous - until . . . . . . . Could it be more than wishful thinking?

@Kat @REX Totally agree. I know pedophiles are being taken down everyday but we need to see one of the big dogs go down, preferably in handcuffs and jailed. Epstein was a name but not a political actor so many didn't pay much attention.

"The Storm"
Time to put up or shut up. The election is only a year away. What if Trump doesn't win? Back to business as usual.


Where's the investigation into the Hag of SF & her son's dealings in Ukraine as well as how she became a multi-millionaire off the US taxpayers?

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