Talking about clownshows, it's 15 November 2019 and the ugly Obama Cathedral STILL hasn't even received preliminary approval.

Oh my sides. LOL

As I've been saying for ages, Trump is going to erase the fraud known as B H Obama from US history. A POTUS who hired Joe Biden as VPOTUS is a CROOK. Whoever Barack Obama really is, he's finished and never coming back.

I maintain he will be the first POTUS imprisoned. By then he will be exposed, though.

Good riddance.


Correct. Maybe some of the concern troll victims can see the brilliance of what is being orchestrated.

First the media, then let the truth reign.

That will bring the Court of Public Opinion drive everything that comes next.

Until that happened, none of it would ever see the selections from the Jury Pool who ever considered the naked truth. Because none of them would know it if they saw it.

@REX Why is everything associated with those two so damned ugly? What an atrocious looking building. Remember the paintings they had done of themselves?

@JustDJ @BennettVarsho @REX That was a big topic of conversation when this monstrosity was made public. Like an Escher drawing, you can look at it a couple of different ways. @Kathleen as an artist, what do you see? Does he have 5 fingers? Or is it just the back side of his hand. Or is it it just a poorly depicted hand. Compare it to the other hand.

@stephanieanne @REX

Ugly, yes, but perhaps no coincidence it looks like an escape-proof prison 😉

@BarleyMalt @stephanieanne @REX

That explains why everything i see that people call "art" is just garbage.

I'm going to have my 8yo paint a picture to go in the local museum. It will be infinitely better than most anything hanging there now.

@Wiggumc1 @BarleyMalt @REX in defense of all artists, art is subjective and the beauty OR revulsion is in the eye of the beholder. It's when govt money goes to produce offensive work such as the infamous "Piss Christ" that sickens me. Most artists paint from the soul and heart and no one says we have to like it.

@billdavis @REX That looks like a 1950s ice crusher I have, yellow, with a lid on a hinge that you open and put the ice in. You turn the handle and it crushes the ice in the bottom which is it’s own bucket. This is it:
Yup! Looks like a match to me!


The Trump Presidential Library will probably be open for business before the Obama version. Bwahahaha!

The "Birth Certificate of Hussein Obama is a complete fraud.

Regardless, by his own story, he is NOT an eligible natural born Citizen due to birth as a British subject of a British subject father. Dual allegiance at birth nullifies eligibility for POTUS as natural born Citizen. By his own story, at best, he would be NATURALIZED "at birth" (AFTER birth) by 8 USC 1401(a). When the executor of laws is illegal then there is no law, and "law" is what Usurper says it is.

@toyomike68 @REX

Afterbirth would have been a better leader than Obama.


He can’t open that waste of public land because all the White House documents would have to be open to the public.

Remember how fast they boxed them up and shipped them out?

Then they said they were going to make them digital for easy research. Yeah right.

I would say... make them easy to edit all his information.

@REX I suggested a gallows for the SpyGate Room and was suspended from Twitter @oakkqs FreedomCrusader

@REX unfortunately I can’t see the Dems allowing Obama to go to prison. It will become all out civil war if anyone tries to. There are enough illegal aliens, felons and gang members in the country for the Dems to commandeer and leftist governors will also use the national guard.

@REX Obama’s shrine looks like the top half of a casket. Not a good look.

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