The Ukraine Trap.

This is an absolutely outstanding article by Seth Levy, a fine thinker on twitter who goes by the handle 'The Reckoning' @Sethjlevy

Levy has correctly identified Schiff's clownshow as a Trump trap. The trigger? John Bolton.

For some reason our little corner of social media is able to understand what's going on in a way that far more powerful and wealthy institutions can't.

A MUST READ (and kudos to Levy, I think he has nailed it here).

It makes perfect sense but take it from me, it takes a mountain of lonely, unpaid work to dot connect like Levy has here.

Put simply, Adam Schiff is guilty of seditious conspiracy and IMO will be jailed for life.

Only Trump could have devised a revenge against Schiff of this quality. Plus, the trap will reel in all the key Obama and Clinton rats, involved in Ukraine.

Adam Schiff will bring down the Democratic establishment. Not DJT.

But Trump engineered it. Genius

The end.

@REX @Sethjlevy

If you read one article this weekend....

This is the one.

@REX Can’t wait to see how this all ends. Going to be epic. I’m interested to see how the media and DNC cult followers try to spin all this when it drops. My guess. A lot of long faces and on air weeping at the major networks.

@Mendieta @REX

The media won't because they are also part of the target. As evidenced by the ABC exposure by Project Veritas, every network is engaged in this and that includes FNC.

Trump knows for the truth to see the light of day, the media has to be emasculated.

Drip, drip, drip is the only counter to the Lanny Davis defense of corruption model.

@RonOgletree @REX agreed. Probably more than a few careers ended in the “news” world.

@Mendieta I think the main stream media is going to call for chaos in the streets & revenge on Republicans & Trump supporters.

@REX I like your optimism, but I've yet to see Democrats held accountable.

@REX I knew from day one that it was a Trump Trap, and there isn't a Whistleblower, only a lying Leaker Schiff! I just wonder how far they are going to take, I have a feeling some people are coming to their senses and want no part of it..but I could be wrong


Most everything can be explained by a Seinfeld episode.

This is when George Costanza lied to his dead Fiance's parents about owning "a place in the Hamptons."

Watch it, it is THE TRAP:


@REX I know of a pretty good General that can set that Trap as well! no one will ever really see behind the curtain.😉

@REX The "repositioning" Jim Jordan will likely become very important. The lights are going on.

@REX Man that is some good work. Thanks for sharing. His thoughts on Rudy and his role are dead on IMO. I felt this completely from the start. Rudy like Trump is not a defense type. He is an offensive weapon. Hats off to Mr. Levy. Top notch work filling in the unknowns of what we are witnessing unfold. 👍👏

I often wondered..of ALL the calls POTUS has..why the Ukraine call leaked...??bc it ties all of the corruption together...makes the news...i believe it was also to catch a leaker..remember POTUS says the leaks are real the info is FALSE....

@Princessjasa I think it was clearly leaked to boomerang and expose the Ukrainian corruption. Not just Biden..all of it... which involves the big corrupt dogs.


Yep. Guessing all of this Ukraine corruption has an insane number of LEGAL FISA warrants in play too.

The plotters thought using foreign governments to overthrow @realDonaldTrump would hide their treason ... Instead, it created legitimate reasons for FISA warrants.

... And with the leak hunt initiative announced by Sessions in full swing, even more legal basis for monitoring these .


Wow, just wow. Mind boggling. True genius indeed.


How did I miss this masterpiece from The Reckoning? Thank you for sharing. An entire housefull of lightbulbs went on for me.

Our media are lazy slobs. They only focus on the scandal de jour. They don't even go back and reread what they wrote so as to connect the dots- like our little corner does.

Do u think this op was designed to:

1) take down Biden
2) " " Schiffty & Co
3) Both 1& 2

Thoughts anyone?

Brilliance in action. We are so blessed to see it from the front row.

@Linnie @REX
I am betting part of this op was to take down 1,2, and 4 - those in the media who have solidly thrown their lot with the cabal in an attempt to keep the truth from the public.


Thank you John. I very rarely share my thoughts- fear of sounding like an absolute idiot.

Great point on a #4.

@Linnie @REX

I don’t think the media reports news, I think they’re given a script and don’t deviate. Reporters’ curiosity is gone.

@REX OMG what an amazing read. It does make perfect sense. Good job Patriots it's going to be glorious to watch.

@REX based on the 'caught the swamp' comment yesterday, the main objective of this setup seems to be to smoke out the last of the Obama\Brennan spies in the WH.

But embarrassing the democrats is a good bonus.

@REX There is nothing to say. Just starring in silence with feelingS of WOW.

Trump stated
"I have trapped them all

I got them . . all of them

Nobody else could have done it"

@REX VERY interesting article. Thanks for sharing!
For what it's worth, I just saw a short video of President Trump before heading to the Alabama game. Monday looks like it will be an important day :)

"I look forward to seeing a lot of things, but on Monday, in particular. Our stock market has just broken another record..."

@REX It is not by accident that Ukraine was chaos emeralds as the hotbed for this trap. Ukraine and the previous government is the centre of corruption w/ the Democrats. All of which “coincidentally” will now be exposed.

@REX Thanks very much for posting this. It helps me understand why Shiff is behaving so strangely, even for him. And why the Democrats are hurling themselves off a cliff in a frenzy.

He is a repellent, villainous character but he is also obviously terrified. He has no self-assurance or self-confidence. He stumbles and blathers and makes foolish mistakes every day. His eyes are wild.


@REX @Sethjlevy The president does seem confident albeit angry sometimes especially when speaking to the gaggle out on the lawn. So to sum up, this was all to uncover the Ukrainian/Biden and God knows who else corruption? Are there others besides ? What is the end result here.
Thanks for the share.


Two questions this theory raises for me:

If John Bolton is the leaker, what then is the role of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman? Bolton was reportedly not part of the congratulatory call between President Trump and Ukrainian president Zelenskyy. Vindman was. I haven't read Vindman's testimony yet, but he and Fiona Hill reportedly related some inflammatory comments and expressions of displeasure with policy direction by Bolton.

Also, who is the Anonymous tell-all author of A Warning?


Bolton reportedly had been received advances and had been working on a book, but it's not clear that Bolton is "Anonymous." For all I know, the author of A Warning may well be another name, like Ciaramella's, that's being "protected" by the Democrat-Media Complex, but is otherwise well known in Washington. I doubt it's Bolton, since the things "Anonymous" has said don't seem to match well with Bolton's style or ideology. Maybe the book is a psyop in support of this 'trap'?


Per Fox News, the Anonymous book is set for release on November 19, and the author is working with some of the same folks that prepped James Comey's "A Higher Loyalty" book. From what's been reported, this seems more like "Steele dossier 2.0" stuff, written to support the "impeachment inquiry."


That is interesting, because John Solomon is saying his "sources" (I know...) strongly believe the big IG Horowitz report is coming November 18. The day before. Hahahahaha


@REX @Sethjlevy

Trump and whoever his team is are strategy geniuses... the Dems are up sh*+s creek without a paddle. Thomas Wictor speaks of barium meals... the fake whistle blower CIA blowhard... ate that one hook line and sinker.

@MegasAlexandros @REX @Sethjlevy - I don't think that's the case.

In his last interview with Hannity, Donald Trump said he didn't want to release the call memo because now others will worry about confidentiality when calling him. He also said the whistleblower was apparently the insurance policy that the 2 lovers, Stzrok & Page were talking about.

This whisleblower/impeachment sham is the ugly deep state doing it's thing.

@MegasAlexandros @REX @Sethjlevy - The barium meals Wictor talked about were things like the Gorrila Channel and other absurd things that were leaked to the press. In this case, we're seeing someone tell second-hand lies to try and justify impeachment which looks like more of a CIA hit job.

@SeanZachel @MegasAlexandros @REX @Sethjlevy ...and what could be more natural on the Gorilla Channel? Why of course, Shark Week! (I have too much time on my hands)

@SeanZachel @REX @Sethjlevy

I believe there was definitely a sting that took place... as Trump said... “We’ll see.”

@REX Gosh it's all quite feasible and genius. What if Shifty or his staff stumbles on to it. Pelosi smells the rat already and the trap might be avoided.
If this op is as Levy describes my pea brain takes me to this article being part of it.....perhaps.
Thanks for putting us on to Levy.

@REX @Sethjlevy

Fantastic fantastic article on the possible scenarios of Bolton related to the impeachment witch hunt.

@HunDriverWidow He told the media yesterday that he caught them all. That was a bolt of lightning. The thunder will be following closely.

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