Have been away! In UK and Italy. Am back now. Goodness me, all the drama over nothing.

Forget Schiff and the Congressional drama.They got nuthin'.

Forget Lindsay Graham. There's a good reason for him not to push too hard. If he subpoenas etc, all the Dems get access to the Intel, too.

End of day, the trajectory is clear. Durham and Barr now have Mifsud's phones.

And Obama/Clinton goons like Josh Campbell are getting doxxed running fake twitter accounts, too.



Remember that Graham has likely been instructed by Trump, to do nothing.

Any subpoenas or move against Obama/Clinton goons gives Dems & GOPe crooks on his Committee, immediate access to everything Graham has.

There's some real bad eggs in the Senate, remember. As we have seen since early 2017, there's been a strategy to prevent them from having access to info that they can leak to FakeNews or crooked proxies in the IC.

Graham is fine. He's in a tight situation. Understand the bigger picture.

@REX Welcome home!! You have sure been missed! Hope your trip to U.K and Italy was good. Thanks for the A.M words of sanity (we needed them,lol) ☺️ ❤️

Obviously Durham is not going to give up the phones until he and Barr are done with it.

Graham not holding a hearing is creating a distraction of people accusing him of covering for the "deep state".


Yes, and a few of those bad eggs are Republicans.

@REX thank you! Yes!! I have been auto repeating this wherever possible, no matter how much blowback I get.

@REX You were missed! So happy to have found you a @ThomasWic on this site.

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