Dear me!

Lots of touching comments about me, Tom @ThomasWic and Saul @Debradelai by Shem, TWE and the genuine originals on twitter.

Thanks all. And yes it was a special time. But don't forget what's unraveling right now.

You're all alive to enjoy what's coming. So be positive

Another thing about twitter. Thomas and Saul have had enough, as far as I can gather.

But you know what. I may come back....just to enjoy. Shadenfreude will be extremely satisfying, this time.

The end

@REX @ThomasWic

I haven't seen any.

But you are right. I have no interest in Twatter.

My only interest is to grow SQV.

@REX @ThomasWic @Debradelai PLEASE DO!
I miss the days I signed in and "rex" or "twic" was all I had to type in to see the news!

Your Rex persona was always on twitter’s radar because you were so EFFECTIVE at what you did, just like Thomas was. They are dogging Terrence K. Williams now, and Praying Medic. Culture influencers. @REX @ThomasWic

Your perspective is needed to calm the weak and win the war.


@REX @ThomasWic @Debradelai We love all of you REX! I don't mind coming over here to read your insights but...would love to see you back on twitter. However the commies might find something to kick you off. Damn they suspended Praying Medic of all people! haha

@birdie1162 @REX @ThomasWic

Why don't you follow that Praying Turd rather than try to sell Twatter here?

@Debradelai @REX @ThomasWic
Sorry didn't mean to be selling twitter. I follow maga where ever they may be.

@Debradelai @REX @ThomasWic Really?? You want me to get the fuck off back to Twatter? Shame, cause I think you 3 are pretty cool and have much wisdom that you have shared both here and on Twatter. I ain't going and I aint a fucking doll. Carry on.

@Airedelapaz @REX @ThomasWic

Shame, cause you seem to like,Twatter more.

But, but, we miss you in twatter!


@Debradelai no, friends of mine that followed you guys on Twatter but are not here would welcome all of you back, however it appeared only Rex was willing the way I read his message.

@Debradelai you're right, they do. I've told them about this group. I can't do more.

@REX @ThomasWic @Debradelai Please come back quietly just to enjoy the upcoming show

We need your analysis

Miss you all

I do check you out here from time to time

@SuZieQ @REX @ThomasWic

Frankly, if you so need Rex's analysis, you can jolly well come over here to get it.

It isn't like you have to walk five miles in the desert.

But, no.

You also want to drag him back into that cesspool of miserable lazies you call Twitter.

I hope he resists the siren song and desperate wailing of the chronically obtuse.

That his analysis maybe enjoyed by all of those interested enough to type a handful of characters on a keyboard to get it.

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