Let's see.


Trump wants to expose the Obama/DNC corruption in Ukraine.


An ODNI spook, pretending to be a whistleblower, 'leaks' Ukraine story to a desperate Adam Schiff. Hook : Trump on phone with Ukrainians (100% legal).

Schiff takes the bait and runs to FakeNews, leaking classified information along the way.

Bingo : Ukraine / Obama corruption is exposed, plus Schiff is busted for leaking classified information.

Schiff got played.

It astonishes me how anyone could think that a US President isn't just doing his job by

(i) giving a foreign leader a 'heads up' about an issue that impacts the relations of that nation (Ukraine) with the US

(ii) actively trying to protect US national security interests, in doing (i), plus

(iii) helping an ally.

How is that in any universe a bad thing? Then again, we are talking about lefturds & FakeNews, I suppose.

ANOTHER Trump takedown incoming.

And so many, many liberal tears.

They never learn, do they?

Chris Hayes from MSLSD losing his mind as the story collapses around him.

This is one of Trump's best ever FakeNews stings. Biden is now THE story.



And once again lefttards have fell into the trap! One more time they have high hopes that this will be the take down they’ve so fantasized about since Trump entered office! One more time they scream in twat world IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH! How STUPID are DEMS to fall for this bullshit over and over again before they realize they’ve been suckered? I’d say pretty damn stupid. How many times can Democrats be made fools of? Obviously it’s unlimited.


I hate to make this comparison; BUT,

Trump is Lucy and
Charley Brown is the Left.

And that football is every gd fantasy of hate the left has for Trump.


OMG!!!! And he showed them the f*cking battle plans at news conference!!!

Dems never met a stable genius before Trump. Every "genius" they know is delusional in one form, fashion, or another of something else. Trump is an original. Dems are accustomed to fakes.

"We'll win so much you will get tired of winning, but I won't because I'm fighting for you. I won't get tired of winning. Never have. Never will."

Maybe POTUS didn't say it like that. It's a synthesis of what I've heard him say, though.

@macoman4u1 @REX the real quote is even funnier haha i’ve watched the clip like a hundred times


And this one was SO DAMNED QUICK to fall apart!!!

Or, come together...

"I love it, when a plan comes together."

:::: cigar emoji that doesn't exist ::::


And yet my leftist Hollywood pals still insist that this is Trump's scandal, and his DOWNFALL!!!

@REX It makes me wonder if the "whistleblower" leak was really misinformation leaked by Trump's own team to lure the enemy into a Ukraine trap.

@REX I was thinking that the administration had to have set this up somehow. It seems to make sense.

@REX |


Thank you Adam Schiffforbrains for making that barium meal such an URGENT MATTER of public record.


My God! I cannot wait to see that asshat SOB POFS perp walked...

I guarantee I'll NEVER get tired of Trump PWNING and WINNING...ever!

I can't wait to see what he has in store for this pathetic clown.

@XL2_5N @REX

I am in complete agreement with the, “asshat SOB POFS” as noted above. Best description of Schiff to date! 😂

@REX This is reminiscent of those live mousetraps which when the mouse runs in, the trap tips up leaving the mouse to be safely let go elsewhere.

Currently the media/dnc run in and then is let go so frequently that when they run in and land on the sticky paper trap they are aghast that they aren't released.

I, in the short term, would prefer the spring loaded break them in half trap but realize then the potential long term effects aren't maximized.

@REX that being said, will Schifty be punished for the leak?

@REX Brilliant. Then again, my favorite president is always brilliant.

@REX I had this thought when the news broke that it involved Ukraine. I was also thinking really Ukraine? They really want to go there? Not to bright of them.

@REX it’s about time!! Sanctimonious asshat.

@REX You should have said Schiff got played again. The Dems never learn.

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