Imagine what weasel and sick perv Ed Buck knows about the inner workings of the Democratic Party.

All those kinky, corrupt Senators and Reps at State and Federal level.

Oh, my.

A loser like Buck would definitely spill the beans on corrupt Dems, to get a deal. They'd better keep a very good eye on him, because he's almost certainly a marked man.

Let's see what happens.


Ted Lieu was a good buddy. Wouldn't give back the donations he received from Buck until we hounded him relentlessly for 2 days.

Scum of the earth.

@REX I would love for this to be true. But if your fetish is "injecting black gay sex workers with a whole lot of meth," do you really find a lot of others who are into that too?

@Osterberg @REX
There are no fetish vacuums in that world. One fetish will blend with any other or any combination(s) of them.

@Osterberg @REX
Don't think for ONE MINUTE that perverts don't share their perversions with other perverts. They celebrate and laugh about them with one another.

@Osterberg @REX Ohhh yes. Look up "bug chasing." Be forewarned -- it's disturbing and NASTY!!!

@REX I care not how Buck's Post Partum Termination is administered, whether by the hand of another or by his own. He too can join Epstein and hope the bastard suffers a miserable and painful exit.

@REX I'm thinking within the month. Same guards the Epstein had


The only trouble with justice in this case is he's likely to enjoy prison.

@REX Ed will accidentally fall in the shower, resulting in 50-80 stab wounds.😂

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