1. As reeling lefturds froth and whine watching the slow, inevitable death of their leftist progressive movement, you will see more accusations that anyone who doesn't agree with them as 'nazis' or 'fascists'.

Yada-yada. Many of the morons on the left wouldn't have a clue about the horrors of fascism.

But it does raise the issue - how do we describe the MAGA, Brexit and other similar movements around the world?

2. Leftards use the label Nazi, aka 'nationalist socialist'.

I prefer a new label 'nationalist capitalist'.

Trump has ushered in a global revolution, fusing love of country with individualist enterprise.

A movement that is underpinned with a distrust of elected government & infused with a deep trust in individuals to regulate their own affairs, with as little government as possible.

It's an extremely powerful fusion of two major forces that have been with us since the beginning of time.

3. First, that individual liberty is more important, than collective control (however it is organized).

Second, that respecting & emphasizing national identity & difference is preferable to breaking it down.

The world is better when individuals have more power, than less. Or inalienable rights, that governments cannot take from them.

The world is better when America respects, say, the KSA and doesn't try to impose US values on them. However it's OK to influence other cultures.

4. A key reason why America is truly great is the power of the incredible melting pot of mutual influence and learning, that has existed since the beginning of the American experiment.

There's a recognition that despite the fact you may be radically different from another citizen, you are BOTH Americans. You're both contributing to what makes America great.

That doesn't (and can't) come from a government program. It can only come from individuals, persuading other individuals.

5. Obama represented the malign apex of a movement that seeks to impose ideology, via the power of government.

It's an anti-individualistic movement. In fact, individuals are subsumed into a collective will, that is itself formed via state coercion, propaganda and intimidation.

As Obama's regime proved, so well.

Ironically, it's also exactly what national socialism was.


6. So, Trump's movement is revolutionary. It's not just a passing fad, or a reaction to recent events.

It's not going away, anytime soon. Why? Because it's always been there. It just went to sleep.

Trump woke everyone up and sparked a revolution.

'Nationalist capitalism'. Not a bad label, eh. What do you think?

We live in amazing times.

The end.

@REX This is about the best summation anyone can make on the Trump revolution. That my friend is a gift. Thank you for Sharing with us. And yes, I agree 100%


my twitter handle evolved based whatever stupid identity politics the left was slurring at the time.

as in...that's "Mr Yadda Yadda Yadda" to you pal.

I'm currently happy with Mr American Nationalist. =)

It struck me as the perfect anti leftist identity politics...it's everything the rat fink globalist's hate all smothered in a red, white and blue awesome sauce of fsck you!! LOL

Collectivism and individualism. Nationalism vs Socialism.

👍 .


I think the new label is great. I'd like to see it catch on.


So good. In case you missed it last time, this thread warrants a repost. 😁

@REX Let me see if I can get this right.
National Socialism became Nazi's, okay, does that mean National Capitalists would become Naca's?
Or if the spelling changes a little, Nacca's or Knacca's or Knackers,,,, hmmmm,, Let me ponder on this for a bit.
Other than my stupidity, another Great thread Rex, thanks.

@REX NATCAPS. Sounds like a winning sports team. Great thread.

@REX I want to Boost this 1000 times. A very apt description. Trump is waking the sleeping giant - not just here but around the world!

@REX great thread Rex
Just got on QV been missing you since they kicked you off Twitter , I have been lifetime banned myself, twitter hates truth

@REX you continue to amaze me at your effortless way of summarizing something as deep and complex as the nascent stages of a real cultural revolution. Prophetic.

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