Obama is a disgrace.

Such criticism of a sitting POTUS is beyond inappropriate. It's despicable and outrageous.

Trump uses his public profile for strategic reasons. Obama? It's just another way to look in the mirror and admire himself.

My hope is that he is America's first indicted POTUS. Trump will crush him, either way.

Obama thoroughly deserves it.


The replies under the tweet are pretty much one way against Obummer

@REX Obama deserves the best of the worst our JD can administer.

@REX Truth is, Obama deserves much more than being indicted. The only thing Obama did for America is teach everyone that Lacking Self Respect and Disrespect of Others is just fine, in fact he encouraged it. Never in my life did I think I would hear people speak of and too The President of The United States in the way I do Now. These people lack self respect in a way I have never seen before, and it bothers them Not! it still boggles my mind.

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