One of the greatest tweets of all time.

'The capital you function on is trust.'


Brian @drawandstrike got it a long time ago. Wise soul.

@REX @drawandstrike

Brian is the reason I read the Epoch Times every day. Only newspaper worth reading.

@REX @drawandstrike The sad thing is the left doesn't care. The rage has already been planted and they love the rage.

@REX @drawandstrike
Brian is definitely one of the best. His wisdom has helped me maintain my sanity over the past few years.

@REX @drawandstrike Twitter continually scrubs the "likes" on the tweet as well. Every time I visit his page, I have to "re-like". Given my anecdotal experience, I'd estimate the actual likes are really in the six-digits by now. But Twitter manipulates and suppresses.

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