First Cuomo, now Lemon.

April Ryan exposed, too.

All over 3 days.

I wonder who is next.

No coincidence. FakeNews CNN is about to understand the true meaning of the

They won't survive it.

@REX Oh, let it be MSNBC's Nicholle Wallace next. Or Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski * a twofer!

@redwhitebluedude @REX Oh, I hope so! I would also enjoy Trump mentioning Beto's hit & run and his fantasy of mowing kids down with his car.

@REX They have dirt that they want hidden, there a big reason why they are deranged in their opposition to Trump.


I’m still waiting for the “ Jussie “ Smollett
Hoax and the Prosecutor who lied and covered up evidence to protect him.
Now that’s a case that really needs to be settled!


How about the obese CNN blabbermouth Anna Navarahoe


Don Lemon lives up to his name...

Definition of don: to put on.

Definition of lemon: something that is unsatisfactory or defective.

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