The Hunt : an extremely disturbing movie that in itself will guarantee millions of votes for Trump in 2020.

Every actor in it will likely never work again.

It may well bring down NBC/Universal.

They don't seem to have a clue about how this is going to backfire on them.

You know what makes this movie the most bizarre ? The leftists behind it are calling it a satire.

They think it's FUNNY.


I agree with you 100%, Rex.
It appears to be some sort of "industry suicide."

@Cdubois @REX

Judas goats.

This universal implosion of leftism isn't accidental.

Trump left nothing to chance.

He's not winning ONLY by implementing his agenda.

He's also causing leftists to destroy themselves. He put sleepers in place years ago, and now they're doing their job.


@ThomasWic @Cdubois

Trump has been preparing this for more than 40 YEARS.

I think his father alerted him about what was going on when Trump was in his 20s. Trump has a framed photo of him in the Oval Office.

Trump was smart. His extraordinary patience meant that for decades he could cultivate an entire network of patriots, as well as incriminating evidence, against pretty much every powerful crook in the US administration.

Trump may well be the most important American to have ever lived.

@REX @Cdubois

He said in 1984 that his opulent lifestyle was "cute" but meaningless.

I also heard him say at a rally that he doesn't care about his business empire anymore.

I think the business empire was a cover.

I think he knew from 1969--when he began fearing for the world--that he would have to become president someday.

So he created a global network of people who would help him become the best president in our history.

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

What an amazing time to be alive! We're seeing far more than history in the making.

@loc1000 @ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

Actually it will be the greatest movie ever made. Once Trump is out of office, I am pretty sure that he will make the movie he has been wanting to make for years.

He now has the greatest storyline of any movie ever.

And, we are all part of it.

@ThomasWic @Cdubois

Trump is the exact opposite of 'The Donald'.

An introverted, ascetic warrior monk. The Donald is one of the greatest deceptions in history.

Trump didn't win this war in 2015/16. IMO he won it way back, probably in the mid 90s, if not earlier.

So many don't get it.

@ThomasWic @Cdubois

My brother the other day (who is pivoting to Trump) said 'man why does he tweet like that?'

I replied, 'you know that the guy you see on TV isn't the real Trump, right? It's a caricature he invented to use as a weapon and deceptive shield. And that every tweet is thought out, down to the spelling and grammar errors?'

He just laughed. 'Come on, man. You're not serious.'

'OK,' I replied. 'How does he win all the time?'

He had to admit, he couldn't work it out.

@REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois
Trump’s Feud With China Is The Carbon Copy Of Reagan’s Trade War With Japan, Reagan Signed the Plaza Accord, at the Plaza Hotel In 1985, Trump bought the hotel in 1988- for the history-

@BenKTallmadge @REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois
There is a key difference between Japan and China. The latter is communist. That is going to hurt China more.

@REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois

@REX People that dont really know Trump that well dont grasp how his mind works.The left for instance just know him at face value,and compare how he speaks/tweets in terms they know and understand, and in how they think.Thank goodness your brother has you to translate and explain it for him.Before you know it he just may be here with you like Brian and Duane 😁

@Dawnz @REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois every time trump ‘mispells’ a word in his tweet, lefty twitter sounds like they just won the superbowl

@watch4thedrop @Dawnz @REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois

Exactly. Aaannnnd what happens? His tweet is spread like wildfire around the world.


@watch4thedrop @Dawnz @REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois My favorite was “Covfefe”...the media lost their minds when he tweeted that, spoke about that for weeks, it debilitated them.

@REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois I didn't take his apprentice show seriously. All these type of shows are out to sensationalize. If you look at shows like Survivor they thrive on conflicts between contestants.

@REX @Cdubois

People say the same thing to me.

They can't believe that the Trump they see in public may not be the real Trump.

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

Those are the same people that believe the actor is the character.

He's used to terrible press after the breakup of his marriage to Ivana. The NY Post and the Daily News were vying for best soap opera headlines in 1990. It was OJT for today's climate.


They literally have no ability to 'discern' anything.

It's stunning.


@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois I've come to the conclusion that most people are stupid.

@walkaway Nah, if they're stupid, they will probably be offended no matter what. @ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois I’ve seen it before and could watch it a million times.❤️

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

Great video. Thank you.

President Trump is an amazing man. I consistently thank God for giving him to us. We are blessed.

@baldilocks As I was watching this video I kept noticing how much his sons reflect him. The longer he is president the more I realize it’s not just him who stepped up, but his entire family. The abuse his kids endure willingly for their father is a credit to him as a person, none of them needed to do this!

@AnnDunc @baldilocks
If I knew nothing else about Trump, seeing how his children behave would tell me everything that was important about the man.
You don't raise children like that if you are a fraud, a cheat and a serial liar.
On the other hand, take a look at Hunter Biden.

@baldilocks He looks just like the man in your photo from Germany. When was that again, 1982?
@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

His eyes speak volumes. Yes, Donald Trump has his issues. We all do. But his soul seems pretty pure.

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois
If he lost his fortune “maybe I’d run for President. Trump is not a man to lose something, trust me, he’s has given up a fortune. Given. Not lost. That is a “34 yr old man” on steroids. The presidency will not age this man.

@macoman4u1 @ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois
And just take a look at how Trump looks these days compared to the wreckage that was Jeffrey Epstein.
Epstein's face was deeply grooved and his eyes were bottomless pits.

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

100% AGREE Thomas. 1969 seems right. It had to be as you’re saying, NOTHING ELSE would explain the level of success...NOTHING. (Certainly not luck or coincidence).

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

Thank God Trump was the successful businessman of the 80's, 90's and 2000's. If not for his fortune, he could never have run for POTUS on the platform that he did.
Self-funding gave us the most politically liberated president in our history. His allegiance is to the Constitution and God, not to a political party.

@janis @ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois Why I trusted his judgement to get our country out the spiral down-I saw him as our last chance to survive as a nation!!

@MulcahyA @ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois
He's the first guy who did it for love of country and the world's welfare, not for personal gain or influence afterwards.
It's another reason the world's "elites" so detest him. He holds up a mirror to them and they hate what they see.

@MulcahyA @ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois
Can you imagine any former GOP POTUS who would be willing to act on a request from a former NFL player that required him to call out the likes of Elijah Cummings and point to the ruin that is Baltimore now?
Political advisers would be having heart attacks and strokes before allowing that to happen.

And Trump just goes and does it because it's the right thing to do.
And it's paying off in all the right ways.

@janis @ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois
Trump is Bravest POTUS of our lifetime!!

Calls out China, North Korea, Germany , Nato ect. Destroyed ISIS-

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois also why his family is all In! They knew & probably had millions of conservations about America decliningThey don’t whine about death threats, powders mailed to their house. They are as busy as he is finding solutions for country or working on his campaign. Jared K. Must be very intelligent too for the trust & jobs DJT assigns him. All the family loyalty without debauchery of the Kennedys

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois
That is quite something to say. I have not seen anybody else talk of their Billions like that. Quite a character.

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

I absolutely agree with you.
Particularly his friendship and respect for SA and Asian culture.
We are winning bigly.

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois
He certainly talked about it since his 30's-worried for America!

@ThomasWic @REX @Cdubois

He's also said on occasions that he kept the key aspects of his business empire and negotiations "in his head"

With only a very few confidants, and no paper trail, his surprise emergence as The Hero of The Forgotten American has been unbeatable.

Sure glad this kind of genius is on the side of Good.


And not so he could "control" the world, but to rescue it from some of the baddest people who ever lived.



Rex that isn't even an exaggeration or overstatement. President Trump is beyond anything we have seen in our lifetime and maybe since the founding of United States of America.

@ThomasWic @Cdubois


What you've written here gives me chills, Rex.
That's Holy Spirit confirmation.
And, it explains the volume of those against him.

The exceptional among us who stand for something good and true ... historically, they're the ones who face the most condemnation.


@REX @ThomasWic @Cdubois
He needs the protection of myriads of Angels and the Wisdom of Solomon.

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