1. A bit late to this, but did you pick up this gem from Nunes interview with Bartiromo?

'..we now know that John Brennan briefed Harry Reid on the dossier in August 2016. At the same time he never briefed me or Paul Ryan, who was the speaker of the House at the time.'

This is NEW. I've assumed Brennan briefed the Gang of 8 individually, but with different stories.

Nunes is excellent at this - but you have to listen closely to what he says.

Also what he DOESN'T SAY:


2. Nunes suggests that he was the ONLY Gang of 8 member, who Brennan didn't brief.

The Gang of 8 were (and explains panic in DC a lot, right now):


- Ryan
- McConnell
- Burr
- Nunes


- Reid
- Pelosi
- Feinstein
- Schiff

Oh, my.

3. Nunes appears to imply that ALL the others were briefed, except him.

NOTE : Ryan, Reid: OUT of Congress. McConnell, Burr, Pelosi, Feinstein and Schiff remain IN.

Can you imagine what happens if evidence exists that either one, some, or all:

- KNEW the intel was bogus, the whole time?

- LEAKED it to Obama's lugenpresse?

- were full conspirators with Obama & Clinton's goons, in the entire scheme?

Or worse?

It certainly explains the bizarre behavior of at least Schiff, in my opinion.

4. Nunes interview is a message to all of us.

But also to the CROOKS.


The crooks are fighting not just for their careers, incomes and reputations.

They're fighting to avoid JAIL. But the last shot they had - impeachment - is now GONE.


5. Now their plan is to try and run down the 2020 clock, with endless investigations, praying for a miracle.

BAD NEWS for them - a miracle ain't going to happen.

They're SCREWED.

They thought she'd never lose. Now, THEY lose.

Although the irony is that they lost everything on Nov 8, 2016.

And we won back America.

The end.


It makes sense that Brennan would do everything he could, to hide the 'Putin/Trump' BS from Nunes.

Remember, Nunes was THE Russia expert on the gang of 8. In fact, he'd been trying to warn Congress of the Russian threat since 2014 (see column below).

Nunes was also highly critical of Obama's disastrous policy in Ukraine, as well as with Russia.


7. Brennan would have been aware of the risk that Nunes would have IMMEDIATELY seen through the fake story Brennan was trying to push - and potentially warn the Trump campaign.

Brennan also knew ahead of time, that he'd get 100% support from the toadies he briefed. That's why he chose a bizarre 1-1 briefing strategy (unheard of with gang of 8).

The strategy was to cloak the Clinton lie with legitimacy, remember.

It's all starting to make sense now.

Truth Rex...great thread 👏... and we're still winning BIGLEY...

@REX The part that really has to sting is that she could have won. A dash of humility, an ounce of authenticity (AKA no hot sauce in the handbag), and some actual haul ass campaigning combined with the rigged election would have pushed her over the finish line. Dems have to know that. Pelosi must lie in bed and know she could have been president if she had had the guts to take it from Hilary.

@WillingToBeConvinced @REX WOW. I never thought of that. I guess she thought it would be easier to bring down Trump.


I sit here stunned at the thought that they *knowingly* were participants. I agree: Schiff's behavior has been the most suspect of all. He's got to be Schiffing in his panties for sure.

My tingle is back up my leg...something's up.

Superb take, Rex.


Brennan's the first on my list for a too tight set of cuffs presented to him at 4 am with the local news crew in attendance.

@Elaines2cents @REX
Clapper is the braintrust in all of this. Brennan is just too stupid to plan and do this whole plot. But I still think it all leads back to the Obama White House. Nobody moved without his approval.

@Donada @Elaines2cents @REX I lay the plan of all this squarely on Valeria jarrett shoulders (n the kenyan cretin/big mike.) none of other corrupted have the fore thought n skill alone. Hence the sharply inaccurate judgement of what we the ppl would tolerate. The arrogance of misjudging we the ppl showed a gross misunderstanding of who we the ppl truly r.

@DK @Elaines2cents @REX
I'm of the opinion he knows everything before he acts. It's like a lawyer never asking a question unless he knows the answer.

@Donada @Elaines2cents @REX

I'm not sure using the term 'brain trust' in relation to Clapper is right.

@Lemonhead @REX Looks like documents will be released by Wednesday according to DiGenova.


Also Gen. Mike Flynn was one of the Russia experts who recognized and vocalized at his own peril that things were off. Also, Adm Mike Rogers of NSA. Am enchanted to hope these two 1776-level patriots are given a free voice to the right audience as to what has been goin' on. And appreciate their efforts. Trump moved his pre-inauguration headquarters immediately after a conference instigated by Rogers. Godspeed you competent war horses, All.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @REX

Adm. Rogers has stayed under the radar... I consider it a very good sign.

@REX Thanks for all you do, Rex. I never knew this about Nunes either.

@REX They've been rendered irrelevant as Mueller's testimony sinks in on people.

The cover of "interfering with the special counsel" is totally gone now. You alluded to that a while back that Trump had to wait until Mueller was done unless he wanted to risk getting accused of such. Now that cover is gone and the special counsel is discredited.


when they are this desperate, they are at their most dangerous. heads up.

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