Here's some Guardian idiocy, posted for general amusement.

Apparently twitter's 'retweet' is, wait for it, 'ruining the world'. See, social media allows idiots like you and me to share information, that isn't curated by mainstream media first.

GASP. Imagine! Untermenschen thinking for themselves. Can't have that!

It's a great joy to watch these arrogant assholes in freefall. Their world is being shattered, 24/7. They're being exposed, at last

@YolandaHolman @REX

Losing . . . .

I would submit the losing part was right after they took the House. That day is now a distant memory that must feel like a dream.

@YolandaHolman @REX Pres Trump is God's wrecking ball to political correctness. His tweets are his trumpet to smash that stronghold and set truth free. He speaks what Patriots know is true but no one had courage to say. DJT is God's anointed Cyrus , His Warrior to fight FOR America.


The 'outrage mob' is behavior unbecoming, though.

Seriously, there's nothing I can do if the govt of Canada wants to put a gun to every little girl's head and make her scrub away a fat guy's pubes with maple syrup just because he says he's a little girl, too. It's sickening, I know, I get it, but when my whole timeline blows up with that kind of garbage, it's not like I can call the Queen and tell her to straighten up and fly right. I have no choice but to do an unfollow purge.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.