1. Anyone noticed that over the last 2 months, the supposed Dem Trump 'scandals' have all been finalized? Consider :

- SDNY - case closed, no further action.
- 'Security clearances' - case closed.
- Mueller - report in, no collusion, case closed.
- Jean Carroll sex allegation - a pitiful joke, case closed.
- Trump tax returns - going nowhere.
- Epstein/Trump - again a joke, DOA.
- Al Green impeachment fiasco - DOA.

The Dems have run out of ammo, haven't they. Sure looks that way.

2. However, notice how Trump's strategic patience means he still has all his ammo, loaded and ready to fire?

Trump has been patiently waiting for this moment to arrive. Sun Tzu:

'The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.'

That opportunity is now fast approaching. You can see what a rabble the Dems are.

3. It's a Catch 22 for them:

The Dems need their leaders (Pelosi) to try and get them out of this mess, via impeachment. However, these same leaders know that any move to impeach guarantees their exposure in SpyGate and scandal.

However by failing to act, the Dem leaders cede control to the progressive loons like AOC. Deranged and naive, these radicals are easy prey for Trump and his team.

The Dems are SCREWED, either way.

4. Remember, Trump has leverage over all the establishment Dems, that he wisely kept by not revealing his hand, before the mid-terms.

Pelosi, Schiff, Blumenthal, Warner, Feinstein etc. They're ALL caught up in this great scandal. As well as others.

But here's the thing : they haven't fessed up about SpyGate to the progressives, as well as more moderate Dems, who still think it's all a conspiracy theory.

The radicals are FURIOUS that Pelosi won't impeach. Because they don't know why.

5. We'll see soon enough, but IMO what we are seeing is a 'clearing of the decks', before Trump orders his first cannons to fire.

He's already dropped a MOAB of titanic power that's going to nuke not just Dem Party, but their entire culture. That is Epstein.

The more targeted fire will be the IG report, declass, then Huber & Durham. And whatever else they've been investigating, behind the scenes.

6. My current position is that the indictments will be in TWO groups:

Group 1 - individuals who pose low 2020 risk (eg widely disliked / unknown / can't be portrayed as 'martyrs') - Clapper, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Yates, Lynch, Ohr(s), Rhodes, the key inkshitters, Fusion GPS etc.

Perhaps Downer.

These all go down well before 2020, as in next 2-3 months. If they wait too long, it can be portrayed as trying to victimize people to sway the election.

7. Group 2 - high profile totemic Dems such as Clinton(s), Obama, Biden, Rice, Power etc.

They go down AFTER the election, because the risk is they'll be portrayed as martyrs, should they be indicted BEFORE the election, leading to a surge in votes for the Dems.

Trump can move against them more effectively, in a second term.

Things are coming to a head and the decks are being cleared.

The enemy has already been defeated, they just don't know it.

As was the plan, all along.

The end.

@REX I hate to ask this but what’s your opinion on the 13 y/o that accused him ?


That case was withdrawn by Lisa Bloom because the girl was lying.

@REX liberals, on twitter of course, we’re commenting that she’s talking again. I come to you, Saul and thomas for the truth


They're ignorant. Much of what they say is 100% delusional garbage. It's sad and pathetic.

Agree on the US based two tiered justice but I would add a third. The international elements involved.

@vasepot @REX
Not so much two tier, as "phase 1"and "Phase two"

@pyotr @REX
Yes. Two tier was poor choice of descriptor.

Should be third phase.

I agree, the international elements indeed. Third tier.
Rome, (the Pope)
World leaders
And on down the chain..

@Almighty @REX

Shall we start the tables for bets?

Rep. Joe Crowley I will say is one of those. It made absolutely no sense to me that he never organized a campaign for the just in case scenario. Then only 13,000 people showed up to vote in that primary and AOC magically beats him by a virtual handful of votes?

@REX I really hope so. But i take everything with a pinch of salt.


High Profile TOTEMIC Dems. 😂

Perfect my friend, absolutely PERFECT

@REX We have a tactical problem that has to be solved. In the DC area it will be impossible, as a practical matter, to empanel a jury that does not include at least one die-hard Trump-hating Democrat. Knowing this, the targets have considerable negotiating leverage. We still have the ability to make the process a punishment throughout the second term, but I think this means for the "big fish" we will wind up settling for something less than the justice they deserve.

You also have to consider how the people in these two groups react to being defeated from now on. It is possible the people in the 2nd group do something rash that could change their standing in public.

@REX this is why the Dems are throwing in all the chips for 2020. Everything is at stake for them. It's either take power now, or lose the opportunity for at least a generation. Probably 2.

@REX How about the Planned Parenthood fetal organ sales scandal? That's coming shortly. Lindsay Graham has signaled that DOJ should have the results of its investigation soon.


Remember how fast Pelosi's daughter came out of the starting gate with the arrest of Epstein. False start on her part trying to get ahead of the story. The rest of the bombshell did not happen as they thought it would on Epstein ordeal. Oopsie 😂

The fun part is now we wait for the other shoe to drop.

@REX Forget popcorn I’m getting cracker jacks for this.... Nice Rex 👍

@REX ~ Spygate separates the true CROOKS from the miscreants in Congress. The 'unknowing' will be holding what's left of the bag. May we hope the fear of God and the example of keel-hauling will keep them on the straight and narrow.


You just made a point I hadn't thought of: not everyone knows WHO are included in the swamp scum.

I thought they (all the Dems and GOPe) knew who was crooked. You're saying there will be plenty of politicians whom will be shocked to learn who is involved?

Wow! Gonna be some pissed off DC folks here soon, eh?

@REX I’m beginning to wonder if the creepy progressives DO know about the extent of corruption. We saw them admit it about NY State. They are going to try ( my thinking) to bring Pelosi Schumer and any other Dem leaders down that don’t really endorse them. And they’ll accuse Trump of being the evil mastermind. Already happening. AOC & handlers will offer a port in the storm to brainwashed folk whose TDS is beyond control - even with the proof staring them in the face.

I posted this on Twitter and the retweet and likes have been are not forgotten in la la land😏

Also the Emoluments Case brought by the AGs of Maryland and DC was dismissed for lack of standing (of course).

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