1. My goodness, Trump's done it AGAIN.

Barry Krischer comes out swinging against Alex Acosta.

And straight into an ambush.


2. Remember: the leftist narrative is that Epstein got a sweetheart deal for Acosta.


Acosta got the best deal he could get, as he was under immense pressure to drop the case because 'Epstein was intelligence'.

It's clear now that powerful people wanted Epstein protected.


3. Not just that. If Acosta hadn't struck the deal he did, Epstein would have walked free. Quote (Acosta):

“This was a state case. The state grand jury returned a prostitution charge against him. That was state grand jury. He was allowed to self surrender by the state attorney’s office. That would have resulted in no jail time.'

Huh? A STATE case? But wasn't the original indictment a FEDERAL one?

Why, yes. Yes, it was. Acosta is 100% correct.


4. What's going on?

Yet another Clinton FIX, that's what. Let me explain.

Starting point - Acosta was a FEDERAL prosecutor. The initial charges against Epstein for having sex with minors were FEDERAL charges, but **somehow** they suddenly became STATE charges. How?


Inexplicably, he convened a GJ without Acosta knowing;


5. KIRSCHER used a STATE grand jury to find Epstein guilty of prostitution. This was then used as leverage, to get the monster off the Federal trafficking charges:

'Epstein agreed to plead guilty to two felony prostitution charges in state court, and in exchange, he and his accomplices received immunity from federal sex-trafficking charges that could have sent him to prison for life.'


6. His hands tied, Acosta pushed through what he could in a plea deal - because otherwise the perv would walk free - but he left a poison pill.

The deal was restricted to the State of Florida only. That's why Epstein can be nailed in NYC on Federal charges, in 2019.

Acosta is a VERY smart operator. Trump backs him, 100%.

But who is Barry Kirschner? And why is Trump's genius at play here?

7. Sorry, Barry KIRSCHER.

Barry's a long-standing Democratic Party operative. Not just that - he's a Clinton stooge.

He donated to key Clinton thugs: in particular, corrupt judge Alcee Hastings & Clinton bagman Lois Frankel.

I've no doubt KIRSCHER knows Brenda Snipes from good ole Broward VERY well.

Check this out - his donations since the 1990s:


8. So we have a Clinton stooge (Kirscher) hoodwinking a Federal prosecutor (Acosta) to protect an evil.pedo (Epstein) who is BFF with?


Well, well, well.

Back to Trump's genius. Let me out this to you.

Do you think Kirscher should have kept a low profile and his mouth shut?

Answer: YUP.

Why didn't he?

9. Because Acosta personally attacked him yesterday.

It lured him out into the open. Just like Bill Clinton was lured out, also.

OK, next qs: who put Acosta into his position, knowing full well that Acosta was intricately involved in the Epstein case?

Why, Donald J Trump, that's who.

Do we already know that Trump knows about Epstein & Bill Clinton? Yes, we do. That CPAC video with Hannity proves it.


10. Trump's LURING Kirscher out, using Acosta.

He's forced Kirscher to MOVE from the shadows, into the open.

I've no doubt Acosta knows exactly what's going down, too.

This is a CLASSIC Sun Tzu move, quote:

'Those skilled at making the enemy move do so by creating a situation to which he must conform; they entice him with something he is certain to take, and with lures of ostensible profit they await him in strength.'

KIRSCHER just made a massive error. He should have STFU.

11. Like Slick Willy, Barry is now engaged in the public dispute.

They're both LYING.

Trump wanted both Counting & Kirscher lying, on the public record. Again, he has succeeded.

Now we get to watch them both unravel, as the truth emerges.


We live in glorious times. God bless Donald J Trump.

The end.


11. ADDENDUM : seems I may have been right for once.

The dodgy deal Epstein got was NOT engineered by Acosta at all, who got the best outcome possible, in the circumstances.

All fingers are now pointing at Barry KIRSCHER and his buddies.

Trump didn't want him to go, but Acosta obviously decided to resign to protect Trump, an honorable act. I've no doubt Trump will reinstate Acosta, or engage with him in another capacity, down the line.


@REX not "for once"
You're always ahead of the game. I knew you were correct three days ago and ignored Acosta news.


Agree with Angela, you called it. I understand what Acosta did, such an honorable man. I watched his presser, he came across sincere.



Really wish Acosta had stayed and rode it out.

1) Leftists will twist this and promote this resignation as an admission of guilt

2) by resigning the heat won't be focused completely on the real story which is KIRSCHER

3) ugh. Another position to fill .... and Acosta was good too.

@BlizzyBuzz @REX

The only logical explanation I can see is that because the case is being handled by the Public Corruption Unit... Acosta may ultimately be a witness. Especially if the case starts growing lots of legs. 😁

@MegasAlexandros , true - but one would think he'd still be able to testify/be a witness regardless of his current position. 🤷‍♀️


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