Here's a list (off the top of my head) of what Trump has achieved on the Korean Peninsula, since he was inaugurated.

Feel free to share widely - and to hit back at losers trying to downplay what's happening.

OK here goes:

2. #1 - a complete reversal of the disastrous situation that existed under Obama. In 2016, there was a genuine risk of conflict between the US, NK & SK.

The deaths would have been staggering, but that's the trajectory the US was headed on.

#2 - All NK provocative and dangerous missile launches have stopped dead. At one time, these launches were traversing Japan itself. Not anymore.

3. #3 - NK has dismantled major nuke sites esp Punggyeri. This has been verified. FakeNews are trying to memory hole this.

#4 - release of hostages. KJU has returned ALL US hostages, including remains of vets KIA in the Korean War.

#5 - genuine prospects for denuclearization on the Peninsula. This has not been achieved yet, but the prospects are now realistic as opposed to unthinkable, just 3 years ago.

4. #6 - genuine rapprochement between NK & USA, NK & SK. This changes the calculus between all nation states from one of conflict, to one of mutual gain.

#7 - Beijing's influence in NK has been reduced significantly. Trump has expertly clubbed Beijing with US economic power to extract major concessions, esp their ability to wield NK as a strategy weapon.

5. #8 - Beijing influence in the region is being reduced because they're being outplayed in NK - esp their aggressive moves in the South China Sea.

#9 - huge increase in American prestige and power projection. Just look at Trump's presence at the G20. He's hugely respected (and feared).

Oh - a 10th benefit?

6. #10 - MAJOR episodes of libturd tears and tantrums. These are worth the price of entry in themselves.

That's just TEN achievements. Feel free to add. BUT PLEASE hit back, wherever you find it, at leftists trying to downplay what's going on.


It's what their arrogance and jealousy deserves. And it's important, going forward.

The end.

@REX Heres one for you Rex... can't handle a win for President Trump AND the world... and fantasizes about our President being kidnapped and held hostage... what a sick bastard.

@bjnno1 @REX

What an idiot.

He thinks that what he saw is actually what happened.

Trump was protected the whole time. Just because a guy is wearing a North Korean lapel pin doesn't mean he's from North Korea.

And kidnapping Trump would cost North Korea such face that they wouldn't even contemplate it.

@REX great thread! I am loving the whole episode play out!


The haters are going to hate. The rest of us applaud this monumental move by POTUS!

@REX I feel so great to have voted in one of the greatest presidents ever. And I’ll proudly do it again in 2020.

This North Korea moment alone deserves everyone’s vote. But what he’s done for us on our own soil is even just as impressive. I'm honored to be alive during this time!

President Moon of South Korea is being left behind. The guy is trying to butt in and pretend he contributed to this.


11) Trump's success in dialogue with KJU gave him tremendous leverage in U.S. -- SoKo trade deal, as well as more SoKo $$ to offset our Military costs on the peninsula.


If and when the corrupt MSM credit President Trump with a breakthrough on the Korean peninsula, I expect the following bs to be spewed:

"Without the patient diplomacy of President Obama and his team of capable advisors, we would still be at an intolerable impasse with North Korea'.



"President Obama played the role of the bad cop brilliantly. His steadfast insistence that North Korea be given no room to maneuver led their leadership no choice but to seek an accommodation with the US.'


"Trump is simply the beneficiary of President Obama's policy of strategic engagement'.

Without President Obama's shrewd strategy of leading from behind, the world would face a very dangerous North Korea today'.

And on and on.

@robbakas @REX Well, that discussion could possibly bring up the fact that Eric @alphabet went over and set up servers, etc and that other dem officials were photographed there.....

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