POTUS Trump the first sitting American President to meet a NK Leader at DMZ. He is also the first sitting POTUS to be inside the DMZ.

The guy is a TOTAL LEGEND.



Anyone who understands the Asian concept of FACE, or Mianzi, will realize what an astonishing event this is.

KJU is extending a great HONOR to POTUS Trump. The concession is HIGHLY SYMBOLIC. Equally, Trump is providing RESPECT to KJU.

It's brilliant negotiation in action, their third meeting and incredibly important as negotiations continue.

Fantastic stuff.


Check out the bitter leftist comments below this CNN tweet. They just can't believe it. Enjoy the shadenfreude!


@REX I’ve never seen an American official do any of this. You’d think face and face-saving would be part of the Asian Diplomacy 101 course but alas... Grateful that we are getting it now.

@REX they are sad little people who cannot appreciate what a momentous occasion this is. On the other hand it makes it easy to go on a block party as they reveal themselves

@REX those are all paid jackasses. I recognize quite a few of them

@REX Yes, and isn't it lovely? The poor chumps can't accept that no one from their side was smart enough or skilled enough to accomplish even a third of what Trump has done. It pains them terribly to see his success.

Which is why they refuse to acknowledge any of it. So they just sit in their own puddles of tears and shit and wail like spoiled brats.

It's quite entertaining in a disgusting sort of way.

read some of the comments..these ppl are deranged

I just went through the comments and chided a bunch if the negative ones. If all trump supporters would comment on his tweets and any tweets that are pro trump we could drown them out. I'm getting a fair amount of backlash but I'm laughing

@REX with the three leaders there could a peace treaty,(end of the Korean War) be signed??? Is it too soon???


Rex, about face - - perhaps it's just almost accidental, but I noticed even though Trump was taking his time to arrive at the border line, to first shake Kim's hand, Trump seemed happy to get there a bit first, wait on Kim.

If deliberate, gives great face to Kim.

@UncleBill @REX

I thought the same thing. I'd bet Trump did that on purpose, for just that reason. Quite the visual, for North Korea.

@UncleBill @REX Also of note related to body language, DJT usually takes the upper palm in hand shakes. I watched the whole interaction at 4am and in every hand shake DJT took the lower palm. This is extremely significant and a great honor. Of course this is not done in a beta male type of way, but from a position of such power that he can allow himself to be "vulnerable."

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