1. Trump's famous tweet of March 4, 2017.

NOTE reference to TAPP. Leftards scoffed, but we know it was a deliberate spelling error.

Well, I think I may have worked out what POTUS was referring to. In fact, I'm certain of it.



2. TAPP = Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project

A pipeline from the Greek/Turkish border at Kipros, a town in East Macedonia (Greece) that provided the main natural gas route to Europe (via Greece, Albania, Adriatic Sea & Italy).

It's key strategic value - it provided a new route to EU for gas, by-passing Russia (article on 2014).

The new source? 'The Caspian Sea'. Meaning IRAN (and Azerbaijan).


3. Remember, Obama wanted to protect the mullahs interests at all costs.

This of course included their supply lines for gas into Europe, which ran on pipelines that went through Turkey, to connect to the TAPP, taking the gas to the EU.

This was all in place by 2010/11. So you can imagine Obama's horror when he learned of the EastMed pipeline in 2012.

4. The EastMed was an immediate threat to Iran's ability to pump gas into Europe, using the TAP. Why?

It ran gas from Israel to the EU via Greece , by-passing the TAP pipe. The EastMed planned to use the Poseidon pipeline from Greece to Italy, instead.

PapaD - an innocent citizen - supported the EastMed. BOOM : Obama and his dogs started spying on him. Ditto, anyone else involved, I imagine.

You can read more about it here (RTd on twitter by PapaD himself):


5. You know what I think?

THAT'S what Trump was referring to in March 2017, when he tweeted 'tapp'. He was saying :

'Obama, I know you were illegally spying on innocent Americans overseas, opposed to the TAPP. One was PapaD, my guy. You were also helping the mullahs and betraying Israel, our greatest ally in the region, you sick SOB.'

Do you agree? 'tapp' was DELIBERATE.

If I'm right, turns out PapaD really was the key.

Well, well.

We will learn the truth, soon enough.

The end.


He’s a f^*king genius! You’re pretty damn smart yourself! 😁

@REX Thank You Rex. This is the first time any of this has made sense ie: corruption for $$ (as usual).

@REX I hate that SOB Obama so much!! The people who sing his praises make me sick. They have no idea who he REALLY is!

@REX @thegoldenpanda

On the contrary, his major supporters know exactly who Chicago Jesus is.

@thegoldenpanda @REX
Don't you love how the wrap all this shit under "pacifism"? 🙄
Obama is scum.


Thomas has been saying since as far back as I can remember that Trump “telegraphs” Everything...


@ThomasWic is on another level - genius IQ tends to do that !

@REX @cshores8 @ThomasWic Wondering what Trump was referring to in his "Straight" of Hormuz tweet today.

@REX Maybe I missed it, but how and who sent PapaD to work with the Trump campaign? Who ever sent PapaD knew they had an existing FISA on him and with two hops they could spy on a large number of people in the campaign.


Great questions.

First one - who knows

Second qs - that's ban assumption

I thought George P was a plant in 2017. Right now I just think he was set up.

Happy to be proved wrong!

@REX Jaw drop!! Thank you
REX, your decoder ring was
working perfectly!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Excellent post Rex,it makes sense. I think you have nailed it

This the part that Papadopoulos comes to the picture. He was pushing for a rival project. He wisely saw that We needed to steer clear of Turkey.


i agree, and it is not the only time he has cleverly done so.


Indeed. He has a history of doing this. "Clues dropped in plain sight."

@Cdubois @REX
Covfefe was sooooo good!!
The leftards were screeching
at maximum volume, “Reeeeeee!”

@REX we have learned that Teump has his own code and uses it to drive his enemies nuts!! Can you imagine the hours they spent convincing themselves and their counter-parts that it was a typo and he couldn't possibly know?

When i see his "typos" I always think there's something else there that I don't understand.
I think you're right.

@REX Always felt the pipelines were key in that region. Even in Syria. I also know that Trump deliberately codes his tweets and your interpretation fits perfectly. GREAT article as well.

@REX I believe that you hit a homerun here. I think when all is said and done, this will be as close to the truth as anyone has come. A couple of years ago, I read something about some pipelines going through Syria, and Russia was there trying to stop them from being built. Russia was trying to increase its monopoly on natural gas going into Eastern Europe. I originally thought the pipeline was from Qatar. I now know it's Iran. Thanks for clearing that up.


Thanks Dennis

It will be interesting to finally know the truth!

I think the interesting part will be, How many on the Left will believe it, after seeing it with their own eyes. Remember, a lot of them are stuck in a reality that only fits their ideological narrative.



Impossible to know right now.

I'm an optimist. Reasonable people aren't partisan, when faced with hard evidence.

Let's see what happens.


Great thread, Rex! This is making more sense, why PapaD was encouraged to join the campaign and the anger 0 had when he was aiding in helping Israel with their end goal of supply gas to Europe. 0 was never for America or it's allies. I hope the truth is accepted that we had a leader circumventing all of our interests.


@REX @DennisCampbel16
It looks like the same thing being looked at on Papadopoulos but the interpretation is partisan.

The evidence will bear out who is on the right and who is wrong.

Both sides looking at Papadopoulos, the resistance looking at him as damming proof. So both sides could be looking at him.

@REX @DennisCampbel16
It will be the sweet echo of a familiar wise voice... and the ear to ear grin that strikes a pose across our faces yet again...

@REX Nunes was out there last summer. I remember, because he had a phone-in interview with Maria B on Sunday Morning Futures.

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