1. Some thoughts on leftist progressivism, from the Kyle Kashuv exclusion from Harvard.

I think this incident will end up being an important moment in the ongoing battle for freedom, we are seeing at the moment.

The whole episode is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the SIX LEFTIST PROGRESSIVE RULES:

2. Rule #1 : leftist progressives are morally and intellectually SUPERIOR, the most advanced & evolved humans to have ever lived.

Rule #2 : because #1, progs are ENTITLED to power and their previous indiscretions are ALWAYS forgivable. Ergo, David Hogg.

3. Rule #3 - because #1 & 2, progs believe that there is no such thing as objective truth, but also that they're never wrong.

Ergo, the only truth permitted is PROGRESSIVE truth.

4. Rule #4: because #3, truths such as objective right/wrong, truth/falsity, male/female, good/evil etc are all labelled 'wrongthink' and replaced by the canon of progressive 'truth'.

Progressives not only create and enforce 'REALITY' - they are ENTITLED to it and BTW - you are NOT.


5. Rule #5- because rules #1-4, anyone who disagrees with progressive leftism is subversive, flawed and irredeemable.

This justifies suppression of their liberty & ostracism from the progressive 'academy' (Ergo, Kyle Kashuv, twitter/big tech censorship etc).

6. Rule #6 - because rules #1-4, anyone who agrees with prof leftism is ALWAYS forgiven and redeemable, notwithstanding their past sins.

All that's required is the expression of virtue (words). Actions are not required.

Ergo, Obama, Clinton , Weinstein & say, David Hogg.


7. Leftist progressivism is dangerous because it is driven by the seeds of TOTALITARIANISM - extreme narcissism, deluded utopianism, fact-free collectivism, infantilization of members, plus exclusion and punishment of wrongthinkers, with a DRIVE FOR POWER & TOTAL CONTROL.

This was the Obama era.

8. America was on an extremely dangerous trajectory, when Trump won. Progressive leftism had a growing stranglehold on every center of power.

Trump's win was a TRIUMPH, because it was a BRAVE REJECTION of progressive leftism.

9. However, Trump's victory also created a narcissistic rage, as well as great fear, among leftist progressives.

They LOST the immense power of government - a disaster for them - but these people still have great power in mainstream media, as well as in academia.

10. You may not agree but to me, the Kashuv & Oberlin incidents are strong indicators that progressive leftists are LOSING.

Why? Take Kashuv. The reaction by Harvard is so OTT, punitive and illogical that it comes across as LASHING OUT : 'being vindictive because we still have the power to be'.

That's what LOSING sides do.

11. For example, in war you see retreating armies conducting unecessary, punitive actions against innocents.

Take the Japanese massacre of 100k+ citizens of Manila as they left the Phillipines, in Feb 1945.

There are many other examples.


12. As Thomas Wictor @ThomasWic has been pointing out, we should expect prog leftists to become MORE vindictive, the more they lose.

Extremist ideologies reveal their extremism in DEFEAT. As we know, they cloak it in the soft language of 'hope and change', utopianism & fraternity, when winning.

POTUS Trump's legacy will hopefully be the dismantling of this malign and corrosive ideology, across the major power centers in America.

13. Trump aims to re-set America BACK to the junction where America took the wrong path and then lost its way. Followed by a moving forward, based on & the values championing the values that have underpinned genuine democracies, going back to ancient Greece.

And then, hopefully followed by other western nations.

14. POTUS Trump is a pivotal figure, because not only does he get the above, but he is the only person we have seen who is FEARLESS in taking these ideologues on.

Which is why they hate him.

They're losing - BADLY - but as @Debradelai has explained so well in many threads, ideological totalitarians don't give up easily.

I put nothing past wackos like cult leader Obama and his high priesthood, who DESPISE America and what it stands for.

15. IMO, the 2020 election looms as the most important election in US history.

If POTUS Trump wins - and right now, I expect he will win BIG - it will be the final blow to progressive leftism.

But not the end of the fight.

Again, as Saul @Debradelai has explained, totaliitarians will rise again in new forms, determined to stamp their boot on humanity's face and snuff out freedom, forever.

16. This isn't just POTUS Trump's fight. That would be incredibly unfair.

It is OUR FIGHT, as well. Look what happened when we fell asleep, during the Obama years.

We must be vigilant, because the Donald Trump's of this world won't always be there, to save us.

The end.

@REX i like how they are exposing their selves like you say. I like how we stand back and watch as they are being pulled apart and torn asunder☺Justice


I’m reading in many circles and I certainly don’t want to be an alarmist but, truly are wondering if we are not heading into a civil war.
I live in a military town and many people
support our President.


It won't come to that. If they descend that far the fighting will be over within 24 hrs max.

@REX @SQ Exactly - leftists don't know how to fight properly anyway. What they do is fight dirty by publishing lies on CNN and by taking out their anger on conservatives like James Woods (and many of us) on platforms like Twitter. Even there they are losing since it is overreaching and so obviously so.

@EmmaP @REX @SQ
"leftist and civil war" I just got a funny picture of what that would look like...
A bunch of naked people all huddled together in safe space gun free zones holding up "revolution" signs. Oh, screaming into the air holding a puppy all the while trying their best to eat a cupcake.

@SQ @REX - there aren't nearly as many of "them" as they want us to believe. their presence is amplified by social media and mainstream media outlets. everything else aside, just from a numbers perspective - it's really a non-starter.

Leftists are not only arrogant as you pointed out in the 6 rules but also peddle conflict among the things they do is peddle victim hood. So toxic these leftists, they peddle conflict based on socioeconomic class, race, religion and gender(third wave feminism).

@redwhitebluedude @REX They're not only arrogant and peddlers of victimhood, but they're insane.

They're actually yelling at people for liking Ann Lister, a famous Nineteenth Century lesbian because she was - brace yourself - a capitalist! The horror!

@umad80 @redwhitebluedude @REX That's hilarious!! I was thinking of getting the DVD, now I will. Yes, she was a total capitalist and good at it too.

@Lisa22 @redwhitebluedude @REX Have you seen Gentleman Jack on HBO? It's really good. That's what has the SJWs bitching. 😂

@umad80 @redwhitebluedude No, but I've seen the trailers and it looks fascinating - all based on Lister's diaries.

@Lisa22 @redwhitebluedude @REX Yep! It focuses on when she met Ann Walker.

I think the film focuses on her younger years.

@umad80 Gentleman Jack is on my list to watch. Glad to hear it’s good. It LOOKS good.

@Joycevor I love the break of the fourth wall. It feels like Lister is talking directly to you without an annoying voice over. And it's never cheesy when it's done.

@umad80 @Joycevor - going on my watch list too. thanks for the recommendation. even sweeter that it annoys progressives.


They seem to bask in the conflict, yes? They delight and enjoy getting frothy at the mouth complaining. Do not get it.

@Rexvallachorum @REX
Actually they replaced it with the temple of yoga cosmetic surgery vitamins almond mild/soy multiculturalism and oneupmanship

@Rexvallachorum @REX I was speaking of this just today with a friend that for the first time in my personal experience politics have become a religion and identifying mark that is viewed as a deal breaker in society. The ironic issue of course is the amount of hate spewed is not viewed as a negative because in their twisted psychology it is just. Absolutely ridiculous is what it is.


I wouldn't say we were asleep during the Zero years so much as we were being slowly strangled economically.

As far as Harvard goes, any corporate officer that hires a Harvard grad is putting their company at risk.

Shareholders need to start putting pressure on companies, progressivism at corporations is not profitable. Your retirement funds are being put at risk.

@REX I don't think people fell asleep during the Obama years; on the contrary, that was the period - esp. 2012-16 - when we began waking up! The Tea Party was a huge and shocking insult to Obama's Left, coming so strongly and so soon after his first coronation

@REX excellent thread! Thanks for your insight. So clearly worded.


This thread is one of the reasons why we totally love you!! Truth!


Your threads are awesome but this... THIS one right here ...

@REX Thanks for this thread,
Rex. We must be vigilant, as you
said. I’m losing friends (or so
called friends) because I tell them
their ideology is nonsensical BS.
I don’t care, I cannot and will not
tolerate any further Stage 4 TDS!

@REX he is the general, it is our war, it was our war before he ran and it'll be our war when he leaves office and Trump supporters who just fade away after he leaves in 2024 will be giving up the battlefield.

@REX @Debradelai The chameleon will reshape itself into a new messiah....but it always has the same flaw: a white rider with a bow and NO ARROWS.


It's discouraging how many people see this as the "one chance."

The struggle against collectivism and totalitarianism has no end.

@Debradelai @REX
I'm ticked off at some countries socially tilt more towards collectivism. Like certain Asian countries that have this emphasis on fitting in and conforming.

@Debradelai @REX

We need eight years of POTUS.
Then, my kids will be old enough to take over the ignorant millennials jobs. 😂


Exactly. That struggle began even before our forefathers landed here. It may have waxed and waned through the decades since, but I pray its determined heartbeat never stops. 🇺🇸


@Debradelai @REX
LOL, If I were to guess it's the very same people you wrote about a few days ago. You know, the ones that think Today is so much worse that Yesterday.or Yesterday was so much better than Today ... Chicken Little never died! She bred 😂

@Leeroley @REX

If it wasn't over after Roosevelt, it won't be now.

I have a better opinion of the resilience of our ideals than you do.

@Leeroley @REX

I, like Jefferson and Paine, view the mixing of religion and politics with contempt.

As for the "3,000 years old cabal," it smacks of some of the stupidest conspiracy theories around. Contempt does not begin to express my opinion of it, or of those who claim to have God on their side.

Please don't importune me again with any such nonsense.

@Leeroley @REX

Tank you for clarifying your position.

Indeed, you will never bother me again.

I hope you have a great day in platforms better suited for your level of crazy.

Hold our beer...

@Debradelai people need to realize this is just a wake up call. Don’t be lazy and let people steal our great nation. Don’t ever take America for granted!

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