1. Here we go again.

'Women's soccer team should be paid as much as men's soccer team 'because (insert muh grievance)'.

Look, my position on this has always been clear.

First : any elite athlete who gets selected to play for the national team deserves respect and applause. It's a MAGNIFICENT achievement.



2. Payment for playing in any sport, depends on the sport earning $.

The $ earned needs passionate FANS. You need to WIN HEARTS and MINDS.

Take soccer fans in England.

It's not just Premier League games that sell out. It's ALSO the next 3 divisions BELOW.

Fans won't just know the names of current players. They'll know the players for seasons beforehand. Ditto, the teams results.

Q: how many of the harpies whining about women's soccer salaries would even know the names of the US players?

3. Answer - almost none. They wouldn't have a clue about their results this season, either.

Most wouldn't have ever gone to a game.

That's because virtually no one watches women's soccer. In the US there was a 20% ratings decline between 2017/2018. Only 300k watch the women's league, on average.

There's a reason for that, too.


4. The quality, compared to alternatives, just isn't that great.

The American (world champion) women's national team was thrashed by the U15 boys Dallas team in 2017, for crying out loud.

Sorry, but asking for equal pay as the men's team when 13/14 year old kids are beating you is a bit rich.

OK look at it another way, if that doesn't convince you.


5. Let's consider the 100m men's Olympic sprints.

Do all 8 sprinters deserve exactly the same payday as the winner? Hell, no.

Usain Bolt was the greatest sprinter of all time. He bought in amazing $, because all eyes were on him.

Ergo, he gets paid the most. Simple as that. But consider his immense contribution to the sport.

Here's another example.

6. Did you know that top male catwalk models are paid 140%+ LESS than top female ones?

No surprise. They just don't get the same 'eyes', or support, as the women.

The girls get paid far more. And guess what? That's fine by me, because it makes perfect sense.



7. Don't get me wrong.

I'd love for women elite athletes, male models and all elite sprinters to get paid the same.

At the top level, they've worked hard to hone their superior talent.

BUT they have to persuade those who have money, that they're worth the investment. Money is a finite resource and those who have it, allocate it sparingly.

That's just the way of the world.

The world AS IT IS, not as it ought to be.

As it's always been and will be, for that matter.

The end.


An excellent exposition of the price system aka capitalism, which cures, while communism kills.

@REX Great thread and especially interesting re: Dallas U-15. However, I'd only want the elite female athletes to be paid the same if the fans are willing to "pay" them the same, or the team is willing to pay them the same as fans provide revenue commensurate with the men. Wishing it was different is like wishing for socialism...

Women's basketball is one that I wish were more popular.

In basketball, the biological differences actually help to create unique styles of play.
Men leagues are more about SPEED and POWER...
...while women leagues are more about STRATEGY.

Unfortunately, the WNBA simply does not make any money to allow for wages on par with the NBA.

In fact, the WNBA is LOSING money!


Wonderful insights!

I love women’s soccer — but ONLY when it’s the World Cup and only during a USWNT match — every 4 years....so not a lot of love.

Unfortunately, a few of the angry team players have voiced nasty anti-Trump garbage. Idiots.

I must say, though — the athleticism of women’s soccer is really something to behold.

@REX This is so simple, yet seems to be extremely difficult for the shrieking harpies & their lame feminist cucks to understand. Idiots.

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