Brits laying it on BIGLY for POTUS Trump.

Be in no doubt. The Brits will be DESPERATE to get back into Trump's favor, right now. After SpyGate and this BREXIT disaster, they have almost no leverage.

If Trump wanted world eyes on SpyGate, here's his chance. He's also ginning up the hype, every chance he gets. Clever.

Let's hope that some MOABs are about to drop about what went on, potentially from the Brits this time.

@REX I disagree, I think relations between the two countries are great, and this week is primarily about commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day.


That's wrong.

Key players remain in place (eg Tobias Ellwood, also US ambassador) plus UK government haven't apologized or moved against the Hakluyt, LPILC (Mifsud, Sambei etc) + IC scumbags who were part of it.

Brits are in trouble.


Just bc certain folk are still in place doesn't mean "relations are appalling. Worst since 1945." How sure are you that there isn't work underway in the UK to blow the lid on all this at the right time like we've seen in the US all along?

I try to apply the same filters to dif countries, so if it's good enough for me to believe that stealth players are working behind the scenes in the US, it's plausible to me that the same is happening in the UK. POTUS isn't going to ruin this visit.

@REX @GodlessNZ

Spygate has done a lot of damage to the previous relationship.

The UK has been replaced by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

@REX looks like we’ve seen the light and are repairing (hopefully)

@GodlessNZ @REX

Agreed. It would be uncharacteristic for President Trump WITH the First Lady to "soil" his courteous hosts with messiness. There are better situations for tough-talk.

@IndiaMaria @REX

This visit is bigger than even spygate, which I am sure is being addressed privately for now, and will become public at the right time, like the charges against Assange did.

POTUS knows how important it is for UK voters to unite against the Labour party. If they don't, then the inevitable Brexit won't be enough to save them.

@REX it’s good to see him getting a great reception. Sadiq khan’t will be in tears 😂😂


British monarchy is insane since the prime minister runs the country instead of the Queen, where their branch of the Deep State has turned her into the token symbol while they do things in her name. They pull that same crap in the US, and you can see it whenever they talk about how Trump is not "presidential", like he's not supposed to do anything but hand out medals and give wishy-washy speeches. Now look at that picture, she's smiling like she knows it's Swamp draining time.

@betadynamique - she's smiling broadly perhaps because it is in anticipation of a "KJU/NK type rescue" from a government gone amok. 😜



Been watching some of the coverage and the Queen has looked relaxed - the smiles are genuine


What I wouldn't give to be privy to their private conversations. I cannot believe that she's happy about the actions of the government coming to light.

@REX they can offer him assange on a dessert plate.

The evil twin in me want him to roast their grits.


So I watched the longer video of the state dinner reception. The Queen did treat POTUS warmly. But as the orchestra played our national anthem, for the first time I thought about the words in that setting: Britain's palace, an anthem about England waging war against U.S. and our victory then. I started crying, as if we were being recognized for the first time ever, though that is not accurate. Trump is a man who does not see life as a series of photo opps for his self aggrandizement.

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