An iconic photo, if there ever was one.

A G Barr, patriot, sits pensively on a military transport, no doubt contemplating imminent events he is about to launch that will echo in the Republic for decades, if not far longer.

The photo also reveals a man under 24/7, 365 military protection. It shows the reality of the environment being created by non-stop Democrat/ FakeNews incitement.

I doubt that The Dems will be able to survive what they've bought on themselves. They deserve what's coming.


Thank you, God, for this man.
I am a non-religious theist.
I do not say this lightly.

@REX Mueller and Barr go way back to the Iran-Contra cover up...though the weapons and drug running continue.


He could use some shades and an M134 Minigun though.


I also see a man who does not demand special comfort thinking that it is "his due".

A spartan who has a JOB to do.

@trueblueTEX @REX Like Trump, he gave up the comfort of private life to serve a country who desperately needed him. History will remember him as a hero and a patriot.

@REX God bless this man and protect him and his family. He is serving this country.

@REX And just like Brian Cates said a short time back, and Barr confirmed it in this interview, "He.Doesn't.Give.A. Shit."

God bless him, he's simply a patriot doing his job the best way he knows how. Honestly, with integrity, and without any partisan inclinations. What a refreshing thing to witness.
And how terrifying for the guilty....


He's seated facing an open rear entry door aboard an Alaskan National Guard C-130 flying over Alaska.

I'm sure he's enjoying the view as well.

@KenLarkin @REX

I'm sure AG Barr enjoys being in the company of military patriots just as President Trump feels at home with patriots.


Now that I've seen the video clip of this great photo, I think he was looking out the rear door admiring the great scenery of Alaska. Pretty darn brave to sit there like that, I'd be freaking out, lol.

@Torchbearer @REX

I would add that communists "want serious grief perpetrated on" Americans of any color or ethnicity, not just whites in particular.

They are quite happy to ignore, condone or enable the targeting of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Koreans, disabled people, you name it.

To them it doesn't matter who it is, as long as it divides people, enabling them to win and hold power.


I'm not particularly interested in hearing about anyone's genitals.

Claiming there is an "obvious... coordinated attack on white America in particular" is simply the playing of the victim card, ie claiming victimhood when you are not an actual victim.

That's precisely what the collectivists do. I criticize it when they do it, and I will criticize it when so-called individualists do it, too.

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